Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some postcards, plus

Some postcards of my fiber group monthly challenge: 2 for the theme "wings," and one for the theme "green/Spring."

The image of the wall hanging is entitled Rustic Palm. I used some of my discharged fabric. I added the pieced strips and crochet cords after being totally inspired by a fellow fiber artist, Billie McCray. This piece along others are hanging in a local Bank Show. The bank has an incredible gallery made available to us artists. They throw a grand opening as well. First Coast Community Bank of Fernandina Beach, FL.

Gosh, time has flown by

I don't know how the time has flown by since my last entry. I can't even blame traveling this time...... My local Quilt Guild had their triennial show this past weekend. Always fun to be surrounded by fellow quilters and visitors who are drawn to quilting. And I had an especially grand time basking in the sun - I won several awards for my art quilts. One special award stood out "Artistic Merit!" I'll include the pic of the piece "Florida Foliage." It's a mixed media piece: oil stick rubbings of the palmetto leaf, photo images of the palmettos, collage, extensive machine quilting. I felt tickling all weekend. Still do when I look at that piece in particular. Grand to be recognized by one's peers.

My two fiber groups met this past week. One we created a paper/cloth doll. Fun, fun, fun. I have Pamela Hasting's paperdoll book and am currently taking her "Transformation through doll making" with So dolls are on my brain. I am not taking full advantage of Pamela's expertise though - seem to be too busy to actually produce art but am mulling over everything. I know I'll get down to business soon. Transformation is a really big undertaking. It's about time I did something.......

Oh, I did a needlefelted postcard for the theme "Green/Spring" for that fiber group as well. I will post an image once I take a picture.

I hung my work up at a local bank along with 3 other artists. The opening is in a couple of weeks. Some of my pieces, well 2 of them, don't seem to fit in at all amongst the floral paintings but the pieces themselves are neat, if I say so myself.

My other fiber group met and I demonstrated "water soluble stitching." Fun when I can get some folks to try something new and go away enthused!

Surrounding myself with like-minded folks is simulating!

I've included an image of a memory piece I made of my daughter's boyfriend's mother. My daughter will be giving it to her boyfriend's sister. I was honored to be asked to create a piece highlighting a wonderful mother, grandmother and fellow quilter.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Postcard Challenge

One of my fiber artist groups issued a postcard of the month challenge. January was "fruit." So here's mine - I just had to do two. One I used a needle felted sample along with some leftover pear appliques. I liked the result but felt I cheated some. So, I nature printed a pear half for the next one. Had to print several pear halves - had to figure out how much paint to use. The muted background was part of a coffee dyeing playday. The result I liked too - very subdued,to say the least.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Commission Pillow delivered

Pillow was delivered. I'm glad it seemed such a huge success. I did have a great time with it. The monograms were little pockets into which I placed some daughter quotes. There's 2 pockets on the back - I forgot to photogragh that - And I put a teeny fabric book that I thread doodled the client's daughter's favorite things. I do hope the pillow in enjoyed for many a year!

Little art done!

I've been attempting to make some order in my studio and attached guest room. Frustration to the limit. I am such a clutter collection. I seem to have to save everything. Well, slowly but surely, I'm weeding through the disarray - thus my "haiku" of the day. I was clearing some clutter on my sewing machine table and uncovered a wire person earring. I've been meaning to thread doodle it for a long, long time. Decided today was the day!!!!!! Made one then decided to make it more like me! Then I added the dress, not that I wear dresses much - comfortable jeans are more my current style! And I think I have finally created a "signature" image!!!! Plan to use it more - maybe as part of my artwork label. Can't take life too serious!