Friday, October 12, 2012

More Monoprints

 As you can see I've been having way too much fun.  Gel printing/monoprinting is quite addictive.  Now what to do with all of these creations.  Several of the paper ones were my favorites so I printed the images onto inkjet fabric sheets.  I'm using Jacquard Cotton today.   I've used several other brands.  I don't have a favorite at this point.  I'll stitch - hand and machine - at a later date.

Below is a mock-up of a fabric monoprint.  I added some fabrics I printed and painted using the same paints to help coordinate the design.  Needs a zinger color/fabric.
 I've repeated that happy experiment of spraying leaves and plate with water.
 A paper favorite
 Definitely another favorite.
Now I must get supplies in order for the Wildacres, NC Nature Printing Society Workshop.  Husband and I leave Monday!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Monotypes

 I was planning on layering this one but I kind of like them the way they are.
 Above is the first layer. Below is the second layer.
 This one is the one on the above left - I didn't like the white so spray painted it.
 The images below are ones with two or more layers.

World of Books

"Nature Revealed" is a wee little book 3" square that won Third Prize at my local Island Art Association's Nouveau Art Exhibit entitled "World of Books."  Leaf printing - both direct and monotype.  The colorful inside was cut from a very large paper I printed while the children in the free once-a-month class at Island Art Association were printing themselves. They were quite independent and didn't need me.  I created this little book in a very short time.  I'm amazed and thrilled it won a prize.

"Watch the Leaves Turn" was the other entry to the show.  I spent a lot of time on this one.  I love it!  I've since changed the closure as the threads kept tangling.

I love making books!  Especially nature printed ones.

Beaded bracelet

My fiber friend, Ronnie, who is a fantastic beader, taught my local Itching to Stitch group this macrame beaded bracelet.  I loved it and made two.  I'm planning on making more.  They're fun to wear!

Oh, it's been such a long, long time........

Months have gone by and I have not written.  Shame on me!
I've been getting ready for the annual Nature Printing Society's Workshop which will be held at Wildacres, NC.  I'll be taking classes in printing paper and fabric, polymer clay and giving a class in gelatin printing.  So I've been experimenting, though I definitely feel like it's playing!  I've been having a great time!  Here are some of my results.

 Reorienting myself to how much paint to put on the plate.  I'm using a gelli plate instead of making my own plate using Knox plain gelatin.  It's so much easier and spontaneous.  The above - a bit more paint then I'd like in order to layer.  First print, a ghost, then removed the leave/mask and printed the last.

The next image was a delightful find.  I sprayed the used plate I had already printed from with water and placed paper on top - twice!
 This is a fabric piece I plan to collage from fabric, stitch until done!
 Some printing using a stencil with rectangles cut out over inked plate and masks and printed, then masks and stencil removed.  I used some fabric as well as paper.
 Printing on black papers - so cool
 I use the same brush and brayer throughout the printing session - to clean them I remove the excess paint onto fabric and/or paper so as not to waste the paints.  Here are two examples.

 Below are some of the materials I used as masks.  I will incorporate them into collages, etc.
I noticed I didn't take an images of the papers I printed in transparent layers.  I will shortly!

Such fun!!!!!!