Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I'm off to Vegas to visit with my daughter, Kara. She's the professional ballerina who' s performing the Sugarplum Fairy, Snow Queen, Mirlitons, and Doll for the Nevada Ballet Theatre. Am I ever proud of her!!!!!!

We'll be spending Christmas morn here at home with my son, Corey, the VW man, and his pup, Barley.

Wishing you health and love this joyous season.

Time has flown by

I've been traveling and traveling and traveling, doing little art, I'm afraid. That is the reason why I haven't been blogging. Not much to report. I've been in an art funk. But I have plans................... My traveling days will come to a halt mid January. So I hope to get back my creative tendencies.
The images above show the latest in needle felting. The woven one with shells and sand dollar is going to my local art Association for the month long member exhibit. It's called "Seashore Treasures." The other needle felted one with the driftwood attached is "in progress." It's not working for me, so back to the drawing board.

The crocheted baby hats are for charity - Stitches from the Heart. Those I love to do while in front of my husband's endless sports shows. Gotta spend some time with him.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On to Houston!!!!

A pair of sisters are heading to Houston's International Quilt Festival. My friend, Nancy, and I are meeting her sister, Jeanette who lives in Houston and my sister, Marlene, who is flying in Houston. And am I ever excited. This is my first time!

Images: the surfer dude is my fabric take of papier mache. I assisted with a children's class. I found the drift wood and ended up making a surfer! And I loved the process. Loved it so much I've made another - a lady this time - no picture yet, I'm afraid. The other image is examples of memo pad covers. I have more planned. I enjoy making these bits of fiber art!!!!! And hope they sell at the upcoming Christmas show.

That's all for now. On to Houston I go

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gelatin Plate Printing with friends

I played around with another gelatin plate before sharing this technique with my local fiber friends. I did some different things - inking the plate, laying the fabric down, then drawing with chopstick, then pulling the fabric up, of course I had to go further and pressed another fabric square on top of the plate to get another print. I also played around with pressing a shell on the inked plate - that was okay but cut into the gelatin. So I tried inking the plate, laying the fabric on top and then pressing the shell on - not so firmly, just enough to my an imprint. I did ink up the shell with black and printed on top the the fabric to add interest.

I made up some gelatin plates and took them to my local fiber group. It sure looked like they had a good time. Lots of smiles!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Book Covers

Been making datebook, journal, composition book covers. Most I've used machine needle felting along with machine stitching to finish them up. I've come up with a pattern - a way that I like the finished product to be. Took awhile but I like the finished look. My plan is to offer these as great Christmas gifts at the upcoming Christmas Art and Craft Show in Columbia, SC.

Gelatin Plate Printing

I was so excited with my prints that I didn't take the time to iron them properly. My sources/inspiration comes from the books: Making Monotypes Using a Gelatin Plate by Nancy Marculewicz and Create Your Own Hand-printed cloth by Ryna Gillman. I made a clay dam - shaping a clay snake coil into a rectangle, added the Knox gelatin(4 pkg to 1 cup of cool water, mixed, then added 1 cup of boiling water) set to cool, overnight. Removed the clay dam and went at it. I'm very naturally so on went some leaves and of course a circle for the sun. I used a "Gift" cloth (leftover paint on brayer, paint brush, stamps on plain bleached muslin)as a base. I'm getting ahead of myself here. First, I squirted some paint(not too much)on the gelatin, rolled it out, placed on the leaves and the circle, placed fabric on top and gently pressed and rubbed. Pulled off the cloth and voila! Then I printed a ghost print by putting another cloth on top of the plate and rubbed. Another print. Took the stencils off - the leaves and the circle - put them face down on yet another cloth. Took yet another cloth and placed it on the gelatin plate and viola another print. I had a ball playing.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where did the time go?

I've been busy though much too quiet on this blog. My apologies.

Above are some images of things I've been doing. There's more but I haven't taken pictures yet. I've made needlefelted datebook covers, journal covers and designing sketch book covers as well. And I've made some coiled baskets using cotton clothesline with fancy yarns. Photos to come soon, I promise.

For the First Street Gallery, Neptune Beach, Florida's Sea Turtle Show (held annually) I exhibit my turtle wall art, dyed and printed scarves, notecards and new this year, discharged black t-shirts. I made my own stencils.

My bead artist friend Ronnie and I taught art to our local Senior Citizens group. I designed and sewed the dolls. The seniors glued fabric pieces to the bodies, drew on the arms and legs, picked the hair yarns. They seemed to enjoy themselves. Ronnie and I sure did. Ronnie plans to use the same doll pattern for our Art Association's free children's art program.

I dyed, painted, leaf printed a bunch of silk scarves, getting ready for a Christmas Show coming up in November. How I love to leaf print.

I designed my own sea turtle bowl awhile back when I just couldn't stand making the then popular fabric bowls. I just create a few at a time, very crafty now that the design phase is over. People do like these creations.

The "Twirling Leaves" piece I created for my Leaf Printing Class. I wanted to do a simple yet elegant piece - not too artsy for the traditional quilters.

Now, I must get in my daily, meditative, yet energizing beach walk in before I hit the studio again. I'm finishing up a needlefelted journal cover, then I want to play with my gelatin plate, doing some monoprinting. Just for the fun of it!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here's one of my "Faint Impressions." I've since added hand made model magic buttons with some beads to finish up the series. One is going into the Jacksonville, Florida Quiltfest the end of September. Another in my local fiber artist group here in Fernandina Beach, Florida. I join 12 others in exhibiting our work at my local art association.

I've been working on an online machine needle felting class with Dale Rollerson. What fun! Here's an incomplete piece called "Garden Pathways.' I've added hand embroidery and stretched it on stretcher bars to finish. My camera broke and is getting repaired as we speak, I hope anyway. I'm enjoying the punching various fibers and fabrics. A freeing experience.

Lastly I've begun and am pleased with my friend's commission quilt. The top is done - large poppies on my hand-dyed, hand painted fabric. My friend would like the piece to be reversible, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do that. I came up with one idea which I'll probably use as another separate piece. For Tissa I hunting up those tropical leaves she loves in order to print, applique, etc. for the back. Then I'll quilt it altogether.

I have an outdoor show this weekend on St. Simon's Island, Georgia. Wish me luck. Hope the weather is fine.

Felting is calling me.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Current Workings

Just completed a series of 3 - Faint Impressions, using numerous discharged black fabrics. My darling sister sent me some blacks that discharged beautifully. I placed a leaf on the black and sprayed watered bleach to create a faint leaf impression. Then is pieced different discharged fabrics around it. One piece I am adding studio-made buttons and beads to enter in the Jacksonville's Quiltfest. I'll upload pics later.

For the themed show "The Approaching Storm" I wrote previously about, I entered and received an Honorable Mention Award for my signature beach landscape. Now, I take images of stormy weather besides the beautiful sun rises!! And opps! I forgot to photogragh that one before submitting. I tend to get so exciting about my next projects, I'm forgetting to finish the current one - that's taking the picture. I'll get one taken when I travel downtown to the Art Association.

I've begun a commission piece for a good friend of mine - still in the designing phase. I'm not a real planner... My friend likes poppies, earth tones, realistic images, elegance. I'm working on the background fabric: my own hand dyed yellow fabric and have added various printing: stamping, sponging. I'm thinking the fabric is too bright so will go backinto it with a wash. I'll take a pic of the current phase. Then again, I may go in a completely different path. The energy and thrill of a new challenge.

Needle felting

My local Art Association holds a juried themed exhibit every two months. The current exhibit is entitled "The Approaching Storm." I made these two machine needle felted pieces - entered the single tree one. That one I felted on netting, then felted the finish piece onto linen and stretched it on stretcher strips. The other one was felted using acrylic felt as a base. I just loved the felting on netting.

I want to play more with my embellisher. That's a sure thing.

Nature Printing Class Pics

Here's some of my pics of the Nature Printing Class I taught Jacksonville, Florida's Honeybee Quilt Guild mid July. I particularly love the looks of ecstasy on the faces when their prints are uncovered.
The class was a joy to teach.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Busy Summer

I taught my first adult art class - Nature Printing using leaves - to Jacksonville's Honeybee Quilt Guild. I had a ball. The gals seem quite receptive to this favorite surface design technique. I shared my way of printing leaves and let them create. I was truly inspired by their energy and creativity.

I've finished Chapter 3 of the Art Quilt Workbook. Included in the images is my pear and my rendition of my son's dog Barley. The tracing, cutting of fused fabrics, placement was all tedious but a valued technique to have in my arsenal. I have plans to do another - using a photo of my sister's beautiful eggplants. I've started my second in my "goddess" series. I was inspired by David Hockney's photo montage.

Finally, I'm quilting a scrap quilt to donate to the wounded Service folk. My local quilt guild will be sending completed quilts to Washington. Our hope is to give love and warmth to the our service personnel and to add color to the hospital atmosphere. Just a way to send my thanks to those who serve and sacrifice for our country.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Off to another Beach

Going from one beach to the other. This time to meet up with my husband's family. We've been gathering for 30 years!! A fun time always.

I'll be reading and reading and reading. Some art thinking to, no doubt. I'm bringing my Art Quilt Workshop book along and will trace some photos to later use - Chapter 3 for those who have the book.

I've included my latest wall doll - Wanderlust II, 13x8"(I think). I've used my discharge fabrics, air dried face and beads.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A busy summer

Busy for sure. Traveling to visit family and friends continues. And somehow, I'm managing to get some art going. Just completed 3 small wall art using previously printing leaves. Relatively simple in design but how I love nature's treasures. The name of these. I'll post an image of at least one.

Been working with Jane Davila & Elin Waterson's book - Art Quilt Workbook with an online group began through We're to complete a chapter every 2 weeks. I just finished, well almost finished, Chapter 2. We're to do a series as well. I've started the first one: theme "Goddess" - hoping to come up with a better title for the series. Hopefully progress in design will be apparent as the weeks go by.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Needle Felting Online Class

Been very busy taking advantage of an online class in machine needle felting from Linda Matthews @ The 2 week format has worked for me. Of course, I've been home for a change and have no deadlines for exhibits and shows. Oh, I do have to make an exception, I did create a new piece for my local art association's challenge - "Song Titles". I did a 12x12" piece that included a music page, cheesecloth, roving, buttons, beads, old linens - mixed media for sure - I was inspired by an article in Quilting Arts Gifts.

Friday, May 2, 2008

wow, April's flown by, May's here!!

Believe it or not, I've been busy. The best part about April other than my birthday is that my beautiful, artistic sister, Marlene came to visit. We, being artsy, experimented with new techniques. You know, the ones you've read about, bought the supplies that end up sitting on a shelf somewhere. Well, we experimented and had a ball. And laugh, we do laugh. That's how we stay young!

Anyway, among our experiments was one from a book "Breakdown Printing" by Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan. In a nutshell, thickened dye is painted on the back on the screen, allowed to dry and then screen clear thickened paste. Really cool! Need to experiment more - all in good time. We tried "Tray Dyeing" by the same authors. That was fun as well. I just had to use up old concentrated dyes that have been sitting in my studio refrigerator for 9 + months. I thought the dye would be weak - not so! We did some monoprinting - applying paint to freezer paper palette, making marks and then laying fabric on top and brayer. Another cool!!!! (Can't wait til I can get back to dyeing. Have to use up the new concentrated dye that is occupying my refrigerator again.) Oh, we filled our days and evenings up. What a grand time we had. We are so lucky to have each other.

After Marlene left, I promptly got back to business - had to finish up my wall doll, now named "Wanderlust." She's unique. I'm pleased. I finished up some beach scenes. And created 3 small stenciled and stamped pieces: one shrimp(Isle of Eight Flags Shrimpfest, Fernandina Beach, Florida is tomorrow!) and 2 sea turtles. I like them as well.

Tomorrow is Shrimpfest. The weather promises to be pleasure. Hooray!

Then next week, I'm off to Vegas to visit my ballerina daughter for awhile. Gotta plan for some had projects - beading motifs probably.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring has arrived!

We've had some very beautiful Spring weather here at the beach. My morning beach walks are delicious! Taking a deep breath once I get over the dunes sends chills down my back. I am grateful, ever so grateful!

Been creating: worked on 2 exhibits with animals as themes: Paws and Claws; and Fur and Feathers. Sent in pieces like the bird image I blogged about earlier. Did up 2 discharged black pieces with my own cat stamp. Then I did some pieces around paper dolls except I've called them cloth dolls: 2 12"squares and 4 mini ones. Just plain fun.

After this weekend's show in Greensboro, NC, I've got to finish up my discharged black wall doll - bead the pieces and parts then bead the parts together. Plus I've pieced a piece for stretcher strips. I've included an "in progress" image.

Our little island has it's Shrimpfest the first weekend in May. I'll be working up some small pieces for that. Love that show!

May the long time sun shine upon you!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Spring!

It's a delightful morning here at the beach. I'm just about ready for my daily, meditative(at least I'm planning on that)walk on the beach. I am so ever grateful for this place on the beach!!!

But... I've realize I haven't written in ages....
I've done 2 art/craft shows in the past few weeks - one indoor and one outdoor. Enjoyed both. I always get a high when folks admire my work. Don't we all??? My work called to several folks and now I hope my work continues giving them pleasure.
I do a lot of education into fiber art as well. I think I'm finding the words to express my art form.

I've been working in several directions: 2 of my galleries are having themed shows centering around the Humane Society. One show is called Fur and Feathers and the other is called Paws and Claws. I've created some seabird pieces and some dog and cat pieces. I've made my Bank Show Opening - 4 Inspirations - I along with 3 other artists have hung new works at a local bank that has a gorgeous space to exhibit art. I do get excited - the space is great! I've continued along with my "discharge series" - taking the color out of black fabric. I'm in the process of completed a large wall figure with pieces and parts of the discharged fabrics. I'm pleased and energized by this project. The image I'm including is very poor quality but you'll get an idea. I have another idea up on the design wall. I'm itching to get going on it. And I've completed 2 more Beaded Fantasy pieces. Many directions - many but fun directions.

Now for my walk!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some postcards, plus

Some postcards of my fiber group monthly challenge: 2 for the theme "wings," and one for the theme "green/Spring."

The image of the wall hanging is entitled Rustic Palm. I used some of my discharged fabric. I added the pieced strips and crochet cords after being totally inspired by a fellow fiber artist, Billie McCray. This piece along others are hanging in a local Bank Show. The bank has an incredible gallery made available to us artists. They throw a grand opening as well. First Coast Community Bank of Fernandina Beach, FL.