Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Spring!

It's a delightful morning here at the beach. I'm just about ready for my daily, meditative(at least I'm planning on that)walk on the beach. I am so ever grateful for this place on the beach!!!

But... I've realize I haven't written in ages....
I've done 2 art/craft shows in the past few weeks - one indoor and one outdoor. Enjoyed both. I always get a high when folks admire my work. Don't we all??? My work called to several folks and now I hope my work continues giving them pleasure.
I do a lot of education into fiber art as well. I think I'm finding the words to express my art form.

I've been working in several directions: 2 of my galleries are having themed shows centering around the Humane Society. One show is called Fur and Feathers and the other is called Paws and Claws. I've created some seabird pieces and some dog and cat pieces. I've made my Bank Show Opening - 4 Inspirations - I along with 3 other artists have hung new works at a local bank that has a gorgeous space to exhibit art. I do get excited - the space is great! I've continued along with my "discharge series" - taking the color out of black fabric. I'm in the process of completed a large wall figure with pieces and parts of the discharged fabrics. I'm pleased and energized by this project. The image I'm including is very poor quality but you'll get an idea. I have another idea up on the design wall. I'm itching to get going on it. And I've completed 2 more Beaded Fantasy pieces. Many directions - many but fun directions.

Now for my walk!