Sunday, July 25, 2010

More collage Monoprints

I spend some time monoprinting on paper first than on fabric.  The prints on paper are so much more clearer and brighter.  I used children's tempera paint on the paper as I was designing a monoprinting class for children.  3 classes next Saturday!!!
Then I moved onto fabric paints and fabric.  I sure enjoy this technique!

New work

I almost gave up on this self- portrait as the materials I used were very thick and I kept breaking my needles while machine quilting.  A fiber friend suggested a larger jean needle and voila - it's done.  I'm not really crazy about it up close but do like the view from a distance.  Obviously I need to work on the portrait thing some more.
This is my other adorable grand dog, Baxter.  My son-in-law took this picture which I just had to use Ellen Lindner's technique on.  A technique that is perfect for hairy dogs.  This one is 22 x 30" in size.  Makes a statement.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Bird of a Different Color

I've been working with a new raw edged applique technique introduced by Ellen Lindner in her ebook Double Reverse Applique.  It's a bit tricky at first but the technique has its place in the Artquilt World.  "A Bird of a Different Color" began as a photo of some flowers I became enamored with while at a botanical garden in Jamaica last Winter.  It's 22 x 31."