Friday, March 27, 2009

Works in progress

Working on two pieces, switching back and forward.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some Monoprints Completed

I've completed some pieces using the monoprints I printed up awhile back. I added borders and free motion machine quilted.

Some Finished Work

I've been wanting to finish up some Gyotaku (fish rubbings) I had printed up ages ago. When I do fish rubbings, I use my fish numerous times. I just love the process of putting the paint on the fish, laying the cloth over and gently rubbing the fish from head to tail. There's something magical that happens. I do get into a meditative state. So here's some finished pieces: I've added borders and free motion machine quilted.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Completed "A Perfect Day"

I couched some fishing netting and beaded some beach treasures to finish up "A Perfect Day." That's the title of the music sheet I included in the piece. I'm happy with it now!
My Jacksonville fiber group, FAN, is donating a collaborative piece to the Humane Society and we're doing fish! These are two of mine which may or may not make the final piece. I had a great time creating! The jelly fish is a dyed silk cap which I placed between 2 layers of soluble plastic and machine embroidered, then added the various fibers before partially washing out the soluble stuff. The fish is a stuffed odd shaped pillow like body, wrapped with gold thread and beads. The wire was couched on at the end. Fun, is all I can say!

Revisiting with Monoprinting

My sister Marlene and I spend an afternoon monoprinting with a gelatin plate. First time for Marlene. We had a ball! I'm still in the experimental stage but enjoying very minute. These are the successful ones.

Grand visit with Daughter and sister

Kara and Marlene visited and we played with beads and charms to make Wedding favors for Kara's upcoming June wedding. Ah, the sheer pleasure of working with and being with my two most favorite women in my life. I am blessed and for ever thankful. We even make earrings and necklaces. Way too much fun!! No images of the wedding favors as I don't want to spoil the pleasure of our guests. Hopefully I'll remember to post an image after the wedding. Remind me!!!!