Sunday, April 22, 2012

Into linocuts and printing

Taking a class in cutting linoleum from a great artist friend.  This is a 6x4 block in the style of Picasso - first print/ reduction

Second printing after removing my lino.  Kind of cool I think.

A turtle, of course!  I live at the beach!  6x4

These little guys are about 3x3
I have more to share - I'll get the photos up soon!  Carving my own blocks is  very addictive.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Latest, very latest work

The following two pieces are mixed media:  the top one is a collage of different papers:  the second is a painted background, collaged moon, and nature printing.  Both for for the upcoming Nouveau Art Exhibit at my local Island Art Association.  The theme is "And let there be light."  I was majoring stuck with this theme using my favorite media - fabric and decided to work with paper.  I had a ball.  Hope the two pieces are accepted into the show.  Time will tell.
Bright Beacon, 15x11, matted and framed by Diane Hamburg

Full Moon, 12x12, framed by Diane Hamburg
 Last week, I taught a nature printing workshop at the Art Association.  The "students" printed shirts, dish towels, and notecards.  I introduced collage to the notecards first then leaf printed.  Here's an example of the notecards I did.
An example of leaf printed notecards and envelopes

The above is my "caterpillar" bracelet.  A good fiber/bead artist, Ronnie Melnick, taught this technique to my local "Itching to Stitch" group:  artists, quilters, crafters.  It took me awhile but it's done.  I love it.  And I plan to create at least one more - a sea/beach theme.  It's absolutely a hoot to wear!