Thursday, May 31, 2007


Been finishing up my dogwood piece. I am trying a new hanging idea - stretching the work on a 14x14" stretcher frame. Though against my fiber/textile conscience, I am trying this in response to many, and I mean many, 2-D artists' comments that the public would better appreciate my work if framed. I have also put smaller pieces in a shadow box frame.

I plan to do a series using different printed leaves, on stretcher frames 12x12", for an upcoming hometown exhibit. Just ordered some dyes - hopefully the order arrives next week so I can get started.

I'm off to Atlanta this weekend for the Virginia-Highlands Summerfest. I'll be at Booth 409!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend Work

Been busy this holiday weekend. Besides enjoying walking on the beach, I've been finishing up some projects. I've included some pics of the finished leaf printed, machine quilted bookmarks and the scrap quilt. The latter was a project initiated by the All Things Fabric group. I thoroughly enjoyed the hand stitching the squares/rectangles, added upholstery flowers(machine stitched down as the shapes were fraying too much) and then I added old silk flowers and leaves - machine stitching. I decided to make the quilt a journal cover. I added vintage buttons as well. This I hope to be included in a Recycle/found object show.

I also added spray paint, using Colormists, to my own hand-dyed fabric using dogwood leaves as a stencil. I've machine quilted that. Had to add some color using Shiva paintsticks. I plan to add the previously printed dogwoods that I had cut out and fused to felt and machine quilted - they will be tacked on the quilt. I want to stretch this to a stretcher frame. I add a pic when completed.

Working at my local art gallery for the day. Some hand work!

Friday, May 25, 2007

"Little Girl all Grown Up" is done

"Little Girl all Grown Up" is now finished. It's a fabric book! Pics are of one page and the cover. I started out with a vintage dresser scarf, fused it to muslin and quilted with variegated metallic thread. With a cut partially cut down the center lenghtwise fold, I folded the scarf into a book. I printed off vintage photos on fabric, vellum and transparencies. I stitched them down, adding lace. I glued buttons, beads, more lace flowers, charms. I finished off with knotting various ribbons and yarns to the binding. This project is for a local art exhibit.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where have all the days gone?

Wow, it's Thursday evening already. And I haven't blogged since Monday. I've been working, though.
Today's pics are of the patriotic banner I've made for my local art association. The theme for the up coming show is "This American Life." The banner is 41" x 6".
Raw edge, black netting, free motion machine quilting plus free motion machine bobbin embroidered letters. this took much longer than I wanted but it's done!

I am a member of and have been working on a small scrap quilt - raw edged, hand embroidered - not finished. It's been an adventure. I've enjoyed the hand work. Gotta put some embellishments to finish it up.

I'm working on another piece using vintage fabrics, photos., laces, buttons for another show at the Women's Center. It's going be a book. Hope to have that done in the next day or two.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Vacation and Home Creating

The posts for tonight are a bit backwards. Please pardon me! I'll learn this blog business some day.

Here are some pics of the patriotic postcards I've created and mailed to family today. I was experimenting on the collage style for a larger piece.

To my treasured sister, daughter and son - you'll have to guess which one is yours! I hope they arrive in time.

I reworked a small piece I had done before and didn't much like. I've included the before and after photos. I like the improved version much better. I had to nature print the dogwood leaves and while I was at it, I printed up a bunch on small oak and maple leaves as well. I've machined quilted them all and will use the little ones for more bookmarks. I printed up extra dogwood leaves and tend to use them in a later project.

Back Home Creating!

Been away what seems a long time. Husband, Jim, and I flew to Vegas to see daughter, Kara, dance with the Nevada Ballet Theatre in Peter Pan. She was a very adorable Tinkerbell, I must say! Visited with friends as well. Oh, my son, Corey, visited for awhile too. Great to have the whole family together. Daughter, husband and I make the trip to see the Grand Canyon for a few days. And all I kept saying was "Wow!" Real verbal, huh! Maybe a quilt or two???? I took 100 pictures of the canyon and the plant life.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Off to Vegas

I'll be away from the beach and studio for awhile. I'm heading to Vegas to see my darling daughter, Kara, dance with the Nevada Ballet Theatre. I'll be good to go at a different pace for a time, gather my thoughts and ideas. A break!

Thought I would share a small piece I made for my local art association's challenge "Places I've Been." It's titled "Leaving Vegas" 11x17". It follows an idea that I saw on "Simply Quilts" one day. Starts with a photo printed on specially treated fabric and hand-dyes for the borders.

Oh, I think I'll share my crazy lady purses as well as i'm taking one with me to Vegas.. I started making these purses and small wall hangings when Quilting Arts put out the challenge of self-portraits. I made a crazy portrait for the art association's challenge "Wild and Crazy" and won first prize! I've added that photo as well. I do have fun designing faces!

Sorry about the order of the photos. I download them in the "right" order but they get switched.

Do have a grand time creating!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Shrimpfest done for another year

Shrimpfest is over for this year. The weather and crowds were great on Saturday. I received lots and lots of compliments on my work. The sales were good as well. A highlight of the show was receiving an Award of Merit for my "Invasion of the Hearts." I just had to post an image of ribbon and quilt! The other photo I thought you might like to see is my booth - what it looks like at Shrimpfest. I have a bigger spot than is usually given due to the street planters. And I love it. I can spread out more. On Sunday, the day of the photo, we were battling rain showers off and on, so we had to move things back and forth. The winds picked up and the show closed early - a cell of higher winds was heading our way. High winds and tents/canopys are not a good thing. Sales were low as people seemed to be sightseeing on a fast pace. I didn't blame them. The weather was threatening. Another highlight of the show was the visiting of my former students. Always, it is great to see their smily faces and see how they've grown. I taught 3 - 6 year olds at the local Montessori School for 15 years until art took over my life.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Shrimp Festival is upon us

I made a little quiltlet for my brother and his wife for their 40th wedding anniversary. It had to get in the mail. Then,I went madly about finishing up the small items for Shrimpfest: pirate postcards and seamaid pins. I printed off signs and business cards. I had to reorganize the quilts: some hang to protect the embellishments; others can be easily rolled up.

Husband, Jim, and I set up the tent and display racks this evening. Now for some sleep as tomorrow starts early.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Yesterday's work

I just checked yesterday's post and noticed I forgot to write about my plans of the day. Jeez, my mind runs away from me in many directions.

I did some finishing up - backs on the beach pins and added turtle beads and embroidered sea gulls. I took photos of the gyotaku and pelican wall hangings. I made a small piece using scanned beach treasures. I tried using fusible peltex instead of 100% cotton batting. The piece certainly came out flat but it was difficult to quilt over some thick, bulky seams. Think I'll use that peltex for postcards. I've started 10 SeaMaid pins - 4" mermaids - faces and hair like my Wonderfully Wacky Women pins, adding some beads to clasped hands. Examples of SeaMaids and SeaTurtles in photo.

Today, I'm designing a small memento for my brother and his wife - they're celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary shortly. I'll finish up the pins. I want to make some pirate postcards for the Shrimpfest. Pirates are BIG in Fernandina, especially during Shrimpfest week. And I still want to print brightly colored leaves - maybe. I get extremely hyper prior to shows, especially Shrimpfest.

I've included a photo of the scanned beach treasures. I put the finds in a plastic tray and scan them, print on specially treated fabric, add borders and quilt. Easy but very stirring, I think.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Yesterday's work and today's plans

Sorry for the fuzzy photo. I've figured out how to take decent pictures of my wall pieces but haven't figure out how to photo things that are laying flat on a table/floor yet,

Anyway, these are examples of what I produce on the smaller scale besides the postcards and beach scene pins: greeting cards with shrimp (most appropriate for the Shrimpfest) - mini quilts; bookmarks - different mini quilts with various yarns and a bead or two at the end - I've put a quote about books or reading on the back of the label; Wonderfully Wacky Women pins - I have a great time making these. The pins started off with my stack of practice quilt sandwiches for the bodies. I used to use buttons for the faces but then got into free motion machine embroidery, making faces after a doll workshop with my friend, Nancy. I now have a huge collection of beads for the arms and legs and another collection of fancy yarns for the hair (Oh, I do a wee bit of crocheting and knitting as well). Add those collections to my fabric collections and I've taken over the downstairs. Heaven help me if I ever have to downsize!!!