Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Activity

Along with everything else, I managed to work some in the studio. How I like that word. I feel like an artist!!!! Some thread doodling! Also designed two small seabird pieces - enjoying the drawing of birds, and even freehand cutting birds out of fabric! Never thought I could draw or cut freehand in the past. Practicing sure helps the process. I have a long way to go before calling myself a drawer or papercutter but I'm heading in the right direction!

Hapy Holidays!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday preparation along with Studio work

Along with all the holiday preparation and holiday travel, I'm working away in the studio in between. I have ideas dancing in my head. Oh, that's sugarplums??? No ideas.

I've included images of my thread doodling and haiku. Sometimes no words come as I walk and sometimes words/phrases come. Today - 2 haiku - The little figures in one are my very quick doodles of a woman doing Tai Chi on the beach. A beautiful dance in my eyes. The other one is me! Feeling good about changing some things in order to get my cholesterol level down: walking more, eating much better and losing weight as the result. Hopefully the cholesterol level will go down. Right now, I feel good! The bird sketches hopefully depict the shorebirds wading in the surf.

The other images are my machine needlefelting experiments. I enjoy playing. There's a definite learning curve on the landscapes - but I'll keep trying. I'm thoroughly enjoying the abstracts. The black one with a squiggle is only 3x3" - the yarn is scrumptious. I dream of using the yarn on a sweatshirt jacket. Real pleased with the larger piece. I needlefelted fabric, yarns, cheesecloth and machine free motioned some stitching on top.

Only a couple of days til Christmas. I'll be doing some more work before I go to Vegas to see my darling daughter. I'll be gone 2 weeks but I'll try to blog at least once. I'll be taking some handwork with me as I get antsy without doing something with my hands.

Happy holidays!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy, happy Holidays!

Oh, it's been much too long since last post

Didn't realize how the time has passed by and I haven't blogged. So, sorry!
I have been working - continuing experimenting with discharging black fabrics. I have finished 4 pieces so far. I have also been playing with the embellisher. I think I'll try and use the word "experimenting" though I am having a great deal of fun. I'm broadening my fiber techniques.

The images depict my thread sketching and my newly found joy of creating haiku - well, at least my version of haiku. The number of syllables isn't always in line. But I am enjoying the composing of the words as I walk the beach. I come home and thread sketch - sometimes to go along with the words. My goal was to do sketch daily but I don't always get in that mode when I return home. Sometimes I can get very "artsy" during my walks but sometimes I can only think of what's going on in my life.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2007 shows finally over

My last show for 2007 is over. No more shows until March 2008!!! Time to play and further my art along. I did design a frog pin for a potential customer. Fun doing the drawing and figuring out the pattern and what the eyes should be made out of. I experiemented with discharging black fabric again - drew an abstract human figure and some writing with the bleach pen. I am pleased with the results and want to experiment more today. During my morning beach walk wrote up 2 more haiku that I'll set in cloth with thread sketches as soon as I finish this entry. Working toward my future exhibit pieces.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mini Art, Plus

First a report of my last show - Amelia Island Fall Festival, 1st Annual!!! Great Fall weather and good foot traffic. The show was smaller than the Island's Shrimpfest but the traffic was good. And the sales rival last Shrimpfest. Folks seem to like the smaller and more intimate show venue. I like both festivals and hopefully participate in them in the future.

Now my mini art - My small art quilts have been popular so I'm branching out, doing my collage and machine sketching - mounting each on a note card. I'm adding a bit of my personal haiku to some. I'm having fun with playing with words as well as with fabric.

I've completed another "A Day at the Beach" scene as well. Gotta take a pic of that.

I'm heading to Savannah, GA for Christmas Made in the South tomorrow. I do the show in Jacksonville Thanksgiving weekend as well.

I've included images of my mini art note cards.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Been quietly working

I know I've been very, very quiet lately. Can't even blame traveling/shows. I've been working on projects and didn't want to upload photos until completion. I've been making inchies/charms - enjoying the teeny tiny work - especially adding the beads/charms,flowers, etc. I made sea turtle fabric bowls several years ago. Decided to make a couple more as I am doing the local Amelia Island Fall Art Festival this weekend. Maybe, just maybe my past customer will come by and see I've made more. The design is my own - I've used my hand dyed fabrics. I've made bunches of purses, I call "All Squared" - taking a quilted square and folding it into the triangle. I've added crochet straps and beads. The last two photos are examples of small pieces, series called "Cherished Ones" - 8 x 10ish (the dance ones are a bit larger). Oh, I made some smaller as well. I made these so customers can slide their own photos in vinyl or net pockets. I've finished up some needlfelted Christmas tags/ornaments. Probably will make a few more of those. My two holiday shows are coming up fast (Savannah GA Nov 16 - 18 and Jacksonville, FL Nov 23 - 25).

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's raining and I can't beach walk!

So, I thought I'd take some images to show what I've been working on. Not a lot of product but lots of playing. When I say playing, I really mean experimenting and practicing. And a lot of practicing comes before a decent product. Thread doodling and canvas - from real life and from internet images. Trying to thread doodle every day to start my work session. I've also become to collage like fabric colors together for future background. The upper left and lower right 4x6ers(in the composite image) are examples - I've needle felted and machine stitched on top. I've got to use up my scrap piles. I'm been having a ball experimenting with my new machine needlefelter. I've discovered cheesecloth - painting it and then needlefelting it!

I've included an image of Saturday's sunrise - simply glorious!

I've cut up some previous art quilts (ones I really didn't like so much) to make into purses - I've upload some images when completed. I've been recycling crazy patch cornucopias - Christmas ornaments - into neat little hangings that buyer can insert own photo. I gave a similar one to my brother and sister-in-law for their 40th wedding anniversary. Am pleased so far with the results.

Oh, some great, great news. A new Art Boutique - 3 Eclectic Chicks Art Boutique, Jacksonville, FL. called and said I came highly recommended - so my work is being shown there!!!!! Am thrilled!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In the Mist of Work, a variety of work

No telling how the pics will be displayed but I'll try and keep the words to the right image.

I've included a teaser: unfinished altered jean jacket. My fiber art group set up a challenge to use an old silk tie in something - My tie was gorgeous - a modern design of gold and black. Jacket is not complete yet - notice the little Fancy Lady pin on the front. I plan to add beads and buttons to finish it off.

There's 4 postcard 4x6ers: 2 of my needlefelting experiments with added silk flowers and leaves and 2 using leftovers of the tie challenge - I will be adding beads, etc. before I finish up.

I've also included an image of my booth set up for the Franklin, TN Christmas Made in the South. Still working on the look. Will add a few more lights.

I have a few purses in the making - have to add buttons and straps - then I take a picture - reusing wallhangings that I didn't much like. I like these purses!

Included some thread doodling. That label I just picked up from one of my fellow fiber artists on the Internet. I forget who, though. So sorry. Anyway, the general idea is to draw with thread and fabric daily. I am so pleased with the results and plan to thread doodle each morning when I'm home to get me started.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Home for Awhile

Geez, it's great being back home. The weather's finally cooler and simply delightful!

No pics of my latest work. I've been playing with silk cap bowls - still drying and the needlefelting machine- just playing and experimenting. There's a learning here for both these activities.

Going to a Bead Show with some fiber friends today. Jewels are almost as grand to touch as fabric and fiber!

I'll have pics up soon.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Once again, Getting Ready for Shows

Shall I said I've been busy?????? I seem to be always busy when I'm home - nonstop! But am I having fun! Here are some pics of: examples of my seamaid and sea turtle pins; two altered books. One is an altered children's board book: I carved windows in the pages and decorated them: 1. image and words on a transparency; 2. free motion stitching on organza; 3. free motion stitching on netting with beads and buttons pocketed; and lastly, 4. collage needlefelted heart with lace heart on top, dictionary page defining "heart" and trim. The pages were tissue paper bits and acrylic sponge painted. I added yarns and ribbon to hang from the binding. The fabric book: used 2 pages of a children's board book to stiffen the covers, and torn book pages and old book tree images printed on organza as well as my dyed and printed leaf fabric (the lightly colored side. The dark side is commercial batik with silk leaves machine embroidered on. Both sides have the following quote machine stitched on: "Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf." Rabindranath Tagore. Both books for for my local art association challenge for October and November. I learned a lot and had great fun!

Now I'm getting packed for my next 2 shows: Neptune Art Festival, Virginia Beach, VA September 28 - 30 and Christmas Made in the South, Franklin, TN October 5 - 7.
I'll be gone for 2 weeks!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Enjoying My Time in the Studio

Having a ball working away. My sister wanted me to take time to smell the flowers. I have. Well, I really took time to walk the beach in between the wind storms. The wind was been furious but there was a little lull and I took advantage of it. Boy, do I ever enjoy the beach, surf, sky, sand.... Heaven! And I do frequently gaze out at the view: sand dunes, ocean and sky. My sewing machine faces that ever changing view. I am one lucky woman!

What have I been doing????? 10 Palm 4x6ers, 6 beach pins, 6 quilted fabric reproductions(around 4x5"), 3 sea turtle and 3 fish 4x6ers and a bunch of ornaments - those are done and packaged. I did play with the embellisher/needle felting machine the other day. What fun. The sea turtle pic shows the needlefelted sea grass. I felted some yarns to Kunin felt and will made a person pin. I sewed up some sea turtle and mermaid pin bodies - will stuff and embellish the next few evenings. I've started some altered books - 2 mini board books and one hardback. I'm suppose to get at least 2 altered books done by Tuesday for my local art association's challenge - time will tell. I've waited til the last minute once again. The challenge is to use an old book or parts of, so I may come up with another plan.

Tomorrow I head for the Jacksonville Quiltfest with my fiber friends of Fernandina and Jacksonville. Can't wait for the eye candy as well as the vendors.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Back Home Working

Back home after the Yellow Daisy Art and Craft Festival in Atlanta and a visit with good friends in the NC Mountains. The mountains were simply beautiful. And they provided rest and relaxation. The show - the weather and crowds were great. It's good to be home at the beach and in my studio. Once again I'm getting ready for several shows. Three "Christmas Made in the South" - Franklin, Tenn., Savannah, GA and here at home(well almost at home): Jacksonville, FL. Carolina Shows, Inc. runs the shows. I did the Jacksonville Show last year - great potential is there. I do a bunch of little items - items I enjoy creating yet on the craft side. I hang my fiber wall hangings up on the display panels as well. Indoor shows are much easier to do from the artist and artist's husband's stand point. No setting up the tent. No taking down of art at the end of each day as I do for outdoor shows. No worry about the weather either! Wish me success! I have 2 outdoor shows as well: Neptune Art Festival in Virginia Beach, VA Sept 28 - 30th and the Amelia Arts Festival, here in Fernandina Beach, FL November 9 & 10. Geez, I'm tired already!

Been creating small items, most incomplete as yet: 10 Palm quilted artcards, 2 beach pins, numerous orange lady pins and wonderfully wacky lady pins, some artdolls(working up different patterns I've drawn up). I am!!!! going to play with my new machine needlefelting machine!!! Today!!!!

Pics include: artdoll, Wonderfully Wacky pin and 4x6 Palm

Monday, September 3, 2007

Art Drop Off and then pack up

Been way too busy finishing up work for the Fiber Show, Neptune Beach, FL and the Yellow Daisy Art Festival, Atlanta, GA. But I am having fun, fun, fun! Love working in my ever messy studio. Well, maybe, the studio could be a bit neater. I can only blame "creativity" for just so much of the mess. Too much mess tends to stifle creativity. Cleaning up the studio a tad is first on my list when I get back from the show!

I had to redo the sky in a large sunrise scene. Redoing was a bit tricky but I do like the result. The sky is a digital photo of an Amelia Island sunrise printed on special fabric. A spot appeared in the top middle of the sky during one of my outdoor shows. I couldn't remove it without removing the color. So I redid it. The sky looks great, if I say so myself.

I finished up a small sunrise I had pieced earlier. The other one that I posted sold!!!!

I finished up the leaf collages. Have one more to stretch. Have to buy more stretcher bars.

Almost completed 5 4x6ers - designed for the Red Hatters. And in the process of creating Fancy Lady pins for the Red Hatters as well. I machine embroider the faces, add yarn hair and a red hat to make pins.

Shortly I'm off to deliver some of my art to 1st Street Gallery, Neptune Beach, FL for their Fiber Show. I'll be doing a wee bit of shopping before I head home to pack up for the trip.

Tired thinking about all this! I'll be back the 14th, hopefully with news of great sales!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Good to be back in the Studio Working

Though I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Maine and the wonderful art workshops, I'm quite contented to be back in the studio. I've finished up some work I had started before the Maine trip: 4 leaf collages (12x12's on stretcher bars), 4 4x6er's leaf collages, 10 music collages 4x6er's. I'm in 2 fiber shows September and October. One with the First Street Gallery, Neptune Beach, FL. September/October. And the other with FAN (Fiber Artists Network), a wonderful bunch of artists from Jacksonville and Fernandina. We're showing at Magrieta's Quilt Shop, St. Augustine, FL Oct. 5 - 27. So I must organize for those two shows. The Neptune Beach one is first - I must deliver my work Monday. I'm just about done. Want to do a Beach Scene. The piecing was done a while ago - must put on a border and quilt it!

I've included a pic of one of the leaf collages, 12x12 on stretcher bars. I leaf printed and then collaged with different fabrics. I'm pleased with the results. This one will go to the Neptune Beach Show.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Back Home for a short while, a very short while

Had a wonderful trip up North. Maine is simply beautiful! Views were breath-taking! I took a few pics. The foggy weather was cool but not too good for taking good photos. Memories are grand, though.

The Nature Printing Society's ( )workshop and annual meeting in Bar Harbor was wonderful. I wanted to stretch out of my comfortable box and learn some new techniques: Solar plate printing, non toxic etching plates and foilography. I've included some pics of the results of the workshop. I loved all the new techniques: now to find the time to do more and to figure out how to print fabric with the new plates.

Today, I'm trying to play catch up with all my emails and blogs that I love to view. Been putting away all my Bar Harbor stuff! And I want to quilt some. Will i have time to start playing with my new embellisher (needlefelting machine)????? Hummmmmm...... I leave home again this coming Tuesday for the Yellow Daisy art Festival in Atlanta. Gotta do some more work for that.... Ugh...... only so much time in a day......

Oh, I also indirect printed a crab: a piece of fabric was lightly adhered to a prepared crab and then dabbed with paints. The rocks didn't turn out so well, but I love the crab and the sea star!