Monday, October 22, 2007

It's raining and I can't beach walk!

So, I thought I'd take some images to show what I've been working on. Not a lot of product but lots of playing. When I say playing, I really mean experimenting and practicing. And a lot of practicing comes before a decent product. Thread doodling and canvas - from real life and from internet images. Trying to thread doodle every day to start my work session. I've also become to collage like fabric colors together for future background. The upper left and lower right 4x6ers(in the composite image) are examples - I've needle felted and machine stitched on top. I've got to use up my scrap piles. I'm been having a ball experimenting with my new machine needlefelter. I've discovered cheesecloth - painting it and then needlefelting it!

I've included an image of Saturday's sunrise - simply glorious!

I've cut up some previous art quilts (ones I really didn't like so much) to make into purses - I've upload some images when completed. I've been recycling crazy patch cornucopias - Christmas ornaments - into neat little hangings that buyer can insert own photo. I gave a similar one to my brother and sister-in-law for their 40th wedding anniversary. Am pleased so far with the results.

Oh, some great, great news. A new Art Boutique - 3 Eclectic Chicks Art Boutique, Jacksonville, FL. called and said I came highly recommended - so my work is being shown there!!!!! Am thrilled!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In the Mist of Work, a variety of work

No telling how the pics will be displayed but I'll try and keep the words to the right image.

I've included a teaser: unfinished altered jean jacket. My fiber art group set up a challenge to use an old silk tie in something - My tie was gorgeous - a modern design of gold and black. Jacket is not complete yet - notice the little Fancy Lady pin on the front. I plan to add beads and buttons to finish it off.

There's 4 postcard 4x6ers: 2 of my needlefelting experiments with added silk flowers and leaves and 2 using leftovers of the tie challenge - I will be adding beads, etc. before I finish up.

I've also included an image of my booth set up for the Franklin, TN Christmas Made in the South. Still working on the look. Will add a few more lights.

I have a few purses in the making - have to add buttons and straps - then I take a picture - reusing wallhangings that I didn't much like. I like these purses!

Included some thread doodling. That label I just picked up from one of my fellow fiber artists on the Internet. I forget who, though. So sorry. Anyway, the general idea is to draw with thread and fabric daily. I am so pleased with the results and plan to thread doodle each morning when I'm home to get me started.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Home for Awhile

Geez, it's great being back home. The weather's finally cooler and simply delightful!

No pics of my latest work. I've been playing with silk cap bowls - still drying and the needlefelting machine- just playing and experimenting. There's a learning here for both these activities.

Going to a Bead Show with some fiber friends today. Jewels are almost as grand to touch as fabric and fiber!

I'll have pics up soon.