Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back Home

I had a fabulous time with my sister, traveling in N. California and SW Oregon.  The Nature Printing Society's Workshop was one of the many highlights of the trip.  Traveling with my lovely, animated sister was best of all.  We sure did have a good time.

The workshop was wonderful.  The printers were grand, ever so sharing with knowledge, expertise, and patience.  My Boot Camp for Beginning Printers on Fabric turned out just fine.  I enjoyed myself as I taught others what I do on fabric.  The other 3 classes I took were:  Composition (paper collage)with Andrew Borloz, printing on silk scarves with Bee Shay, and octopus printing with Sharron Huffman.  The evenings were a time for travel journaling with Bee Shay.  I learned a lot.

I couldn't resist adding an image of the infant onsies I printed up for my very first grandchild (expected to arrive at Christmas Time). 

I'll be posting soon with images of pages from my travel journal.  I really enjoyed printing up several images from my camera with the PoGo Polaroid Printer.  Love that thing.  I kept up with the day's events until the next to last day.  It was a nice way to end the day, recapping my trip.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off to Nature Printing Society Workshop

Today's the day I head to California then to Oregon for this year's Nature Printing Society's workshop.  I teach leaf printing on fabric the first day the, take classes myself.  Traveling with my sister, Marlene, is a very special treat! 

The image is a t-shirt I printed that will be traded!  Can't wait for the surprise shirt!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Local Fiber show

Just wanted to announce a local fiber show that 5 of my fiber friends and I are putting on at our local art association - Island Art Association, Fernandina Beach, Florida.  The show is September through October. The Opening reception is this coming Saturday.  I'll be missing the fun as I'll be in Oregon!!!!! for the Nature Printing Workshop.  My friends will throw a nice party.  I'll be there in spirit. It's amazing all the different favors of fiber art that are on display.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nature printed Fabric Accordion Books

I know, I know, so many entries all in one day.  All these projects: the journal, the 4x6's and these books were all going at once.  I've just finished them all.

I redid a past book as I did not like the result.  Much happier now!
The second one makes use of previous monoprinted fabric.  Both with favorite quotes about leaves, trees, and nature - a current obsession.  I'll be taking them to the Nature Printing Society Workshop as well.

I'll be teaching "Boot Camp for Leaf Printing on Fabric."

Scrappy Leaf Printed Journals

I am heading to Oregon for this year's Nature Printing Society's Workshop and wanted to bring some small work to sell.  The previous entry showed the 4x6" pieces I've made.  These images are the Scrappy Journals (Mary Ann Moss's influence) using leaf prints on the cover fabrics and prints on papers.  I used papers I painted while cleaning off my brushes and brayers when I finished my leaf printing.  Fun, fun, fun!

Small Leaf print work

Designed these small pieces, postcard size 4x6" to take to the soon-to-be Nature Printing Society Workshop, Oregon.  I'll be attaching each one to a black cardboard for a good presentation.  Hope they attract attention and buyers.  I am so excited about going West to meet up with my most wonderful sister, Marlene, in California.  We'll be driving to Oregon and sightseeing on the way.  Marlene's traveled there many times.  It'll be my first time.  My experiencing this all with her thrills me.  We have such fun together!  And she is the one who got me printing leaves on fabric besides all the other surface design techniques I've learned and learning still.