Monday, January 31, 2011

Two new Pieces featuring the octopus

You may remember that in September I printed these guys/gals up at the Nature Printing Society's Workshop in Oregon.  I  am finally getting around to quilting the prints up.

The first piece is called "Octopus" - very original title, I might say.  It was a practice piece that turned out just fine.  It's a small one - 10 x 10."
The second images: the whole piece and a detail - is called "Strange Beauty" measuring 39 x 16.5."  The free motion stitching is part of a poem by Algernon Charles Sin-Burn.  I've sewn a pocket in the back that holds the whole poem.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Needle felted pieces

I recently got inspired by the work of Jane LaFazio
at Instead of filing the inspiration away, I went to work.   I pulled out my needlefelting machine and created the top piece.  The second piece was created while involved with the online class "Embellish Stitch and Enrich" with Dale Rollerson I took ages ago.  While watching the Australian Open, I embroidered away.  This brought back memories of early handwork and the joy of holding textiles and the luscious threads and yarns.  More of this work is in the oven!  Thanks to Jane who awoke the pleasure of neele felting and embroidery in me.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Wee Fella

"The Wee Fella" is a fabric portrait of Max, my grandson.   The piece is 23" x 24."  He's one adorable baby, if I say so myself.  Same technique as in my other portraits.  I used my own hand dyed fabric.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Early Valentine's

When I taught 3 - 6 year olds at the local Montessori School, I handmade Christmas ornaments and Valentines every year for my little folk.  I enjoyed myself to no end.  I am very grateful and joyful when a former student or his/her parent tell me how my ornaments bring back fond memories of their pre-school days when the holidays approach.  I have continued making the ornaments for my family and friends. 

My sister, who she herself makes ornaments each and every year, reports that I forgot to post an image of this year's Christmas ornament.  I guess the anticipation of Max, my grandson, must have fizzled my brain, so here's the ornament.
The tree was bobbin stitched:  meaning the thick metallic was in the bobbin and the work was sewn with the front side down.  Make sense?????  I was real pleased with the design: simple yet elegant, if I say so myself.

Now onto the valentines - I created a mock up last year and decided to make a bunch of them for my "Valentines" this year.  Here's a bunch but not the whole bunch and then a single one.  The lace in this one and the ones I'm giving to my family is from my wedding gown.  Mother painstakingly sewn my gown with lots of lace on the cuffs and hemline.  Single motifs were stitched on the long, beautiful veil.  Time and the heat of the attic ruined much of the gown and veil, but not the lace!!!!  I've incorporated the lace in quite a few of my art projects.  There's still some left for another day.

So may you enjoy creating valentines for those you love.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back Home

I spent a wonderful month with my new grandson, Max, and his mom and dad.  Now I'm back home trying to get back into my "artsy" self. 

I didn't journal in the new scrappy journal I made in December until I got home.  I spent a few days fiddling around with it: journaling, selecting photos, reminiscing those lovely times of holding that baby and gazing into his beautiful face.  Here are some pages.

I'll be adding to the journal as the little fella grows.  I have plans to make a baby quilted portrait after I finish up this year's valentines.  I rather excited to get started!