Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2007 shows finally over

My last show for 2007 is over. No more shows until March 2008!!! Time to play and further my art along. I did design a frog pin for a potential customer. Fun doing the drawing and figuring out the pattern and what the eyes should be made out of. I experiemented with discharging black fabric again - drew an abstract human figure and some writing with the bleach pen. I am pleased with the results and want to experiment more today. During my morning beach walk wrote up 2 more haiku that I'll set in cloth with thread sketches as soon as I finish this entry. Working toward my future exhibit pieces.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mini Art, Plus

First a report of my last show - Amelia Island Fall Festival, 1st Annual!!! Great Fall weather and good foot traffic. The show was smaller than the Island's Shrimpfest but the traffic was good. And the sales rival last Shrimpfest. Folks seem to like the smaller and more intimate show venue. I like both festivals and hopefully participate in them in the future.

Now my mini art - My small art quilts have been popular so I'm branching out, doing my collage and machine sketching - mounting each on a note card. I'm adding a bit of my personal haiku to some. I'm having fun with playing with words as well as with fabric.

I've completed another "A Day at the Beach" scene as well. Gotta take a pic of that.

I'm heading to Savannah, GA for Christmas Made in the South tomorrow. I do the show in Jacksonville Thanksgiving weekend as well.

I've included images of my mini art note cards.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Been quietly working

I know I've been very, very quiet lately. Can't even blame traveling/shows. I've been working on projects and didn't want to upload photos until completion. I've been making inchies/charms - enjoying the teeny tiny work - especially adding the beads/charms,flowers, etc. I made sea turtle fabric bowls several years ago. Decided to make a couple more as I am doing the local Amelia Island Fall Art Festival this weekend. Maybe, just maybe my past customer will come by and see I've made more. The design is my own - I've used my hand dyed fabrics. I've made bunches of purses, I call "All Squared" - taking a quilted square and folding it into the triangle. I've added crochet straps and beads. The last two photos are examples of small pieces, series called "Cherished Ones" - 8 x 10ish (the dance ones are a bit larger). Oh, I made some smaller as well. I made these so customers can slide their own photos in vinyl or net pockets. I've finished up some needlfelted Christmas tags/ornaments. Probably will make a few more of those. My two holiday shows are coming up fast (Savannah GA Nov 16 - 18 and Jacksonville, FL Nov 23 - 25).