Saturday, January 26, 2008

Comission done, Challenge in progress

My commission pillow is now done. The image with the flowers is just a teaser. I will upload the whole image later. I used the frog stitch - rip it, rip it the first time around - didn't like the patchwork I first tried - the fabrics of the different clothing just didn't piece very well and the design was off. So, I started from scratch and I am pleased with the result. Hope my client is as well. I've added a surprise factor that I will disclose later after the pillow is delivered to my client.

I've been painting - monoprinting to be exact. I subscribe to and used the workshop on monoprinting for the upcoming challenge of my local art association. The theme is "Two color combination." One of the images shows the multitude of small pieces I've printed using 2 colors plus white. I added some Shiva oil stick rubbings and black stamping to some. One image is my clean up cloth - I love it!!!! I've put up an image of my pin basted top that I'll be machine quilting later. I may add some of the painted cheesecloth and yarn afterwards. I have a some project in mind to use some of the rest of the prints and some beads but time is running out to make the show - jurying is Monday - this Monday!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Day late

I wrote the poem the other day. The thread doodles I just did - working on a mini self portrait thread doodles -and some figure sketching.

Yesterday,I worked on a commission art pillow - think I have the design down, working on colors and actual placement. I usually just design as I go but I am incorporating the client's child's monograms. Seems a bit too traditional, so I'm working at making it a little more artsy. The machine quilting will help but I want more. Wish me luck.

Had a great gathering of fellow fiber artists yesterday. One of the artists shared a DVD of Kaffe Fasset - designer of needlepoint, knitting, fabric and quilts. I was intrigued by the way Kaffe used photos of everyday scenes and incorporated the shapes and colors into his work. Food for thought!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back Home and Trying to get in the Zone

Hard to believe I've been home a week and haven't had much to blog about until now. Been down due to the continuing remodeling projects that have lasted way too long. All work was to be completed while we were away. No such luck. The studio and adjacent guest room as well as my kitchen area is in total disarray.

But things are getting better. I've been able to finished the two mini quilts: English hexagon piecing: I Spy and Hexagon Landscape - I machine quilted them. I hand pieced while in Vegas. I also created my first paper doll. I plan to do more of them - in hopes to come up with a life size self portrait for on upcoming Fiber Show. I have a commission art pillow to design and get sewing and quilting on. I'll start that tomorrow.

Finally got into the "zone" - my creative side - walking this morning. I'll post the haiku I wrote along with a thread doodle tomorrow. When I can overcome all the stress of daily living, my mind is able to be creative.

Oh, I forgot - I had a great time visiting my darling daughter and her man. I enjoyed the puppy, Baxter, as well. It was a bit on the chilly side but I walked every day! I am fortunate to have a great relationship with my daughter!!!!!! Glad to be home. I do so enjoy my son and his dog. I'm lucky to have them close by.