Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sun, Moon, Stars

Sun, Moon, Stars
I believe it's finished.  This is the product of Jude Hill's online class entitiled the same.  I've loved her way of teaching and have just signed up for more.  Her artwork is fabulous!

Serene Seen completed

Serene Seen  by Diane Hamburg 29x18" $290
Don't you love my husband's play on words???!!!  He is asked on occasion to give me some suggestions of titles.  I had hinted on the feeling of serenity when I look out of my studio window upon the sea.  The feeling of serenity/peace/contentment seldom fails to come over me.

I am so grateful for the loan of this piece of land to me and mine.  It belongs to the universe but the feeling, I believe, is mine.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Painting beach scene

I painted some fabric for a beach scene.
This is the wet fabric all scrunched up.  I let it dry over night.

 It wasn't dried the next day, but I ironed it.  Here it is ready for me to layer: batting and backing.  Then machine quilting comes, followed by some hand stitching I believe!

Gelli Plate Class

I'm in the middle of taking an online class with Carla Sonheim.  It's wonderful!  I'm learning a lot.  She is presenting a whole new way of using the gelli plate that I have not explored before.  The following are images from Day One.

I lost 2 others in cyber space......
The folllowing images are influenced by Jane Davies.

Day 3 of Carla's class - Day 2 was my gathering stencil/stamp material.

These are not my best.  Hopefully I can salvage them during Friday's printing class!

Things I have learned so far
1.  A whole new way of gell printing:  ink up part of the plate, print just part of the paper, watercolor effect (adding water to the leftover paint on the plate), hold 2 ends of the paper and dip onto plate
2.  always add a second color to the plate - don't use paint right from bottle/tube
3.  Cardstock stencils may stick to the plate - ugh - leaves pulp behind
4.  Cardstock stencils end up looking beautiful with layers of paint - great collage material!
5.  Work in a series.  Carla had us print 8 papers - of course 8 was not enough for me.....

I'm sure there's more.......  I'll return to gelli printing again after Friday's class.

I highly recommend Carla's class.  Check the Flickr link to the class images.  A real treat.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teaching Kids and Slow cloth progress

The first two images show some examples of stitching using the straight stitching:  running stitch and the ladder stitch that I used for the classes I taught at my local Island Art Association's youth art classes.  I taught elementary aged children, none of whom said they've never stitched before.  I had a good time sharing my love of stitch.  Most seemed to enjoy themselves.  I hope I inspired the rest to stitch some more. 
 These below are just my stitching along side the children.  Way too much fun!
Here's some works in progress.  I am sure enjoying the needle and thread, stitching in and out, filling up the spaces.  Added some words:  machine stitched and hand stitched.

Decided to machine quilt the woven strips of my own silk tie dyed fabrics, then tacked the silk red heart down.  I've done some more work on these two.  I'll take some more work in progress images to document my journey.
The background is hand painted and printed on this last piece.  All the fabrics are recycled ones:  a blouse, ties, dresser scarf.  Even the painted and printed background - I clean my brushes and brayers on a damp old bed sheet. let it dry all scrunched up and then leaf print and stamp it. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Melted Fusion I Sold

Melted Fusion I (sold)  © Diane Hamburg
Sad and happy at the same time.........  This is a piece I ice dyed awhile back and then started to hand stitch it in February.  I finished it and hung it at my local island Art Association.  It's been gracing the gallery walls for 2 months.  Sold yesterday.  How I loved that piece.  I am glad it will be gracing the walls of the buyer's home.

Guess I'd better stitch faster!

Speaking of stitching - here's a work in progress - check earlier blog entries.  Here's what I've done so far.  I sure love this hand word business.  I have many things going.  This one is close to finishing.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Logger 18 x 24"  $240
I just completed "Logger."  I fell back on Ellen Lindner's double reverse applique method for the sea turtle.  The rocks, coral and jellies were regular raw edged applique.  I'm hoping this will get excepted in an art exhibit at St. Augustine Art Association - Florida Wildlife.  I'll report later this summer..

I'm still hand stitching - the name "slow cloth" is quite appropriate.  How I love the in and out of thread and needle.

Friday, May 3, 2013

I can't believe how time has passed and no entries

I have been working, believe it or not.  I've been way too silent.

I'm on my laptop in my studio. A rainy, stormy day - but I still enjoy gazing out to the sea, though it's a bit turbulent.  The beach sunflowers are blowing this way and that.  The bird feeders are swinging back and forth as well.  The prickly pear cacti are pillars of strength - they are blooming big beautiful yellow flowers.

Me, I'm grateful to be inside, cocooned in my studio.

I've been taking an online class from Jude Hill - Sun, Moon, Stars - I'm learning so much.  I had started some hand stitching on the ice dyed fabrics my sister and I dyed awhile back.  This began my journey back to hand work.  The peaceful in abnd out of the needle and thread pleases me.  It's a relaxing and meditative activity.  Here's an image on the last piece I created.  I had the best time working on this one.  I have a couple more ice dyed pieces but the images are on the regular computer.  Melted Fusion I and II are on display at my Island Art Association.   I'll post the images soon.

Circle Play 21x6"  $185
Back to Jude Hill's class - I love her quiet, gentle way of sharing her love of creating through stitch.  Another class is in the horizon!   The following piece is influenced by her work.   I wove the fabrics and stitched them down before I started Jude's online class.  I have since learned an easier way to hand stitch pieces down.  I don't want to say how as I don't want to take anything away from Jude's teaching. Check out her classes!  It's a work in progress.  I've been stitching daily - using Jude's ideas and some from my research on stitching on the Internet - moon jellies and the sea star.

The next two are pieces I started in planning for a hand embroidery intro for children at Jacksonville's MOMA - my FAN group is displaying, demonstrating, and sharing fiber art to folks - young and old . Next Saturday is a program highlighting a fiber artist, Memphis Woods - who spent part of her life in Jacksonville and was an early supporter of the museum.  The project I've planned is simple applique on felt, using hand stitching.  These two pieces were part of my playtime.  My class with Jude has lengthened the fun.  Check in later for the finished products.

I'll be doing some hand stitching of this just created dry felted piece.
These two wonders were my take on a children's art project at my local art gallery - Island Art Association- led by my artist friend Anne Howden.  The fabrics are part of my collection of fabrics/ties/shirts from my father and father-in-law.  I wanted to pass on my love anb fond memories of both these men, especially my dad!  How he would have enjoyed these grandchildren of mine.  Max and Brenna will received these dolls when they visit as the end of the month!

Max and Brenna's dolls

The two next images are products of my raw edged applique and machine quilting.  A fun, relaxing time of creating.  I really ought to title these.
10x10 $85

6x6" $40
The following quilts are hanging at the Island Art Association for the Nouveau Art Exhibit entitled Wildlife.  The heron was awarded Honorable Mention!  Yeah!!!!!!  I don't have the titles/sizes/prizes.  They were last minute creations..........
On display at Island Art, 12x9"

On display at Island Art
This took awhile.  Maybe if I write more frequently,.........  There's always hoping.

Til later, Peace and joy be with you, Diane