Monday, July 16, 2012


"Oh, Delicious" © Diane Hamburg 12x16"

"Une Pomme" © Diane Hamburg 12x12"
Our local theater, Amelia Community Theatre, is performing "God's Favorite" in August.  Hopefully the above pieces are accepted for their lobby art exhibit.  The theme is "Temptation."  I got the idea of Adam and Eve in my head and couldn't veer from it no matter how hard I tried.  I really didn't want to do people so settled on the apple.  Both are done using Ellen Lindner's technique double reverse applique for the hand and apples.  For the background I adopted the look from my fiber friend, Mary Rhopa.  I took that tree workshop from her last week.  Many of her backgrounds are small pieces of different fabrics.  I decided to use rectangles but I've used organic shapes before.  Viewing Mary's quilts brought me back to my stash of commercially printed fabrics.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Recent Workshop

I had the pleasure of taking a workshop from fellow FAN member Mary Rhopa, St. Augustine, Florida.  Mary is an award winning fiber artist who uses repurposed fabrics and a lot of hand stitching.  Her trees fascinate me!  I wish I had my camera with me.  Mary created, I think, 30 8x10" trees - each and every one of them different and ever so beautiful.  I loved getting into the ladder stitch - the hand stitching!!!  The tree trunk was twisted seams of the old garments.

Oh, Mary gave the workshop at the Piecemaker's Quilt Guild, St. Augustine, Florida.

Old Book Pages

My fascination with books continues.  I've been having fun Internet searching "folded book pages" and came up with the following.
I've got to include the web page for this tutorial....  when I have time.  There's a learning curve - type of paper, age of paper, cutting out the circles (the larger sphere is hand cut, the smaller with a punch).

Now the question is - what do I do with this?????

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Studio Work Plus Gallery Opening

Here are some of the note cards completed.  How I just love to print leaves.  I can get into such a relaxed, meditative state printing nature.  The feel of the leaves are I press and rub them to transfer the paint onto the paper/fabric is soothing.  I printed the back of the envelops as well.
 I drove to St. Augustine - 1.5 hours- for the opening of the Fiber Art Gallery, a part of Butterfield Garage Art Gallery.  Lots of folks came and enjoyed an evening of art and refreshments.  Here is some of my work on display.  Most of the "fiber Art" is wearables.  The room looks very nice.

 I played with paint, leaves and the gelli plate on paper and fabric.  I'm working on layering.  This is one of my favorites.  I'll put more up later.
During Wimbledon Tennis matches and tour de France, I've been working through these two books - folding books.  A rediscovered love as you know from previous posts.  I'll be doing some stitch bindings soon. 

Do back soon.  Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some of my latest.

"3 Faces of Beryl"
"3 Faces of Beryl" is another piece I put in my local Island Art Association's Nouveau Art exhibit entitled "Black and White."  I was experimenting with monotype drawing of the faces - all fabric.  I chose the title as we were in the mist of the topical storm "Beryl" when I was working on it.  It didn't win anything but was accepted into the show, so I was pleased.  This is the same show my book won "Honorable Mention!"

The following are 3 fabric collages that I now have hanging in the Butterfield Garage Art Gallery in St. Augustine, Florida along with several other older pieces.  Butterfield created a really beautiful room for a bunch of us fiber artists.  Two of us are "wall" artists and the others are wearable art folks.  The Opening is this Friday night!  I'll upload some images after the opening.

I spent some time this afternoon collaging old book pages to future leaf printed cards like the one in the middle.  I'll be printing soon.  How I love to print leaves!
The following image, though sideways - sorry, are some of the notecards I made for a very loyal client!  Sieta orders cards every so often!  I'm lucky!  I collage papers and images printed on fabric and then stitch a little.

Lastly, this image is one I've been working on - first on the computer with  Picasa- sharpening it, posterizing it, etc.  It's of my great nephew and my grandson.  Michael took Max's hand and led him to the bubbles!  Ever so cute.  I've done a lot of stitching, working in the faces a bit.  Next comes the background and machine quilting.  I'm trying to talk myself into entering it into a fancy fiber show.  We shall see once I get it completed.  Of course, I ask for some feedback from friends and family. 
Til next time!  Create something, anything - play - it does your heart good!