Monday, November 29, 2010

A Man and His Dog

"A Man and His Dog"  won third prize at my local Island Art Association's Nouveau Art Show entitled "Best Friends."  I'm so very excited!

Dyeing Experiments

I decided to get into dyeing fabrics again.  I had a bunch of old dye concentrates in my refrigerator, but most were way too old - I'm talking about 12 months or so.  The golden yellow was fine, the blues and the reds were not.  So I mixed some more - just enough concentrate for a few yards of cotton. I did enjoy myself.  I just love opening up the washer after the rinsing part to see the results.  I am working on values.  I dyed yardage for future portraits so these were not very mottled.  I do enjoy "tie dye" effects but not this time around.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bookmaking and Paste Paper Making

Last weekend I had a fabulous time with Eliza Holliday, a marvelous calligrapher, brush letterist, bookmaker and teacher.  She's lives locally and has just begun offering classes on the island, though she's taught across the country.  I am enthralled with her work and her willingness to share her talent.  We dabbled in making paste paper for future book covers and with page coloring with walnut ink, sumi ink and tea.  So much fun and fabulous results.  Eliza shared techniques for a glueless accordion book and caterpillar book along with the main accordion book.  I have spent much time viewing her videos (check her site for the links).  Oh, and go to her main website to view her many examples of her art. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Work in Progress

Another portrait in the making.  I dyed and overdyed cottons to try to get good values.  I'm thinking it's a bit on the dark side but i think I'll finish it up for my local Island Art Association's new Nouveau Art Challenge "Best Friends."  It's my son, Corey and his dog, Barley.  They have both been previous subjects of mine.