Sunday, August 21, 2011

Continuous Line Drawing

I've been drawing on transparencies using a wipe-out pen - tracing over magazine faces using a continuous line.  All in the hope of being able to draw faces easily using the sewing machine.  I traced the face drawn on the transparency onto tissue paper with a transfer pencil and then transferred the face onto fabric using the iron.  Then I stitched.  Way too much fun. Someday I'll stitch without all that work beforehand.  I have this fixation on faces, I'm afraid.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My France Fabric Travel Journal

My trip to France has now been documented.  I created the pages before I left.  I was pretty good about journaling - not every day but close to it.  I used site brochures, postcards, tickets and my trusty PoGo printer - a little Polaroid printer that prints out 2x3" photo stickers (love it).  I didn't create the cover til I got home to save on luggage weight, but I'll not do that again.  The reason is that my first signature became way too big making the sewing/attaching it in the cover so very difficult.   I also found the loose pages a pain to work with.  The other thing I will do differently is to always carry paper and pen to jot down happenings it keep my memory fresh.  Oh, one more thing I will do differently is to take a digital of the name of the place we're exploring.  Sorting out towns and images was trying.  Lessons learned!  I do love the record of my trip!

The only thing left in order for the journal to be complete is to get some prints made of some of my many digital images to add to the last section of the journal.  I'm still going through the 1000+ images though I'm just about finished.

Here are three of my "artsy" photos to whet your appetite!

The hand door knockers!
The beautiful stone carvings, especially the faces!

Niki de Saint Phalle's sculptures, some with yarn clothing!

I've added entries to my grandson's fabric journal as well.  Plus I'll began to practice, practice, practice continuous line drawings of faces.  And play with discharging fabrics again.  More on that later.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Another Parrotthead

I'm back from my trip, fabulous trip to France and had a more fabulous visit from my daughter and grandson.  Upon return, I received a message from my local art association, Island Art Association that I won thrid prize for "Just Another Parrotthead."  Yeah!!!!!