Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Trick or Treating! I'll be away but wanted to send my spooky wishes to you all. This piece started as a demo of fabric collage at my local Quilt Guild - Amelia Island Quilters. I finished it up for my darling daughter, Kara, and her husband, Matt.

My husband and I are heading up to see them and to dog sit Baxter. Then we travel to Annapolis for Jim's 40th reunion, then on to NC to the Nature Printing Society's Annual Workshop. I'll be making paper, journals and monotypes. I'm thrilled.

Do have fun at Halloween. Remember those fun nights dressed up, trick or treating. I remember the infinite amount of candy......

Monday, October 19, 2009

More on Paper fabric

My favorites thus far.
Acrylic paint scraped using an old credit card.
Walnut ink sprayed. When dried stamped with white acrylic paint.
Walnut ink sprayed. When dried, green acrylic sponged.Walnut Ink. I definitely like the ink.
I'm heading up north for a couple plus weeks. Dog sitting for my darling daughter's Baxter, Lexington, KY, husband's 40th reunion at the Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, then absolute art fun at the Nature Printing Society's workshop at New Switzerland, NC.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Work - The Language of Leaves

My latest!!!! All have been attached to stretcher strips. I pieced the background: some of the fabrics were first stamped or leaf printed. After quilting I added elements: leaf printed book page which was adhered to cheesecloth using watered down glue, different fabric shapes, a quilted leaf print and beads.

Fun with Paper Fabric

One of my groups I belong to mmartfriends@yahoogroups.com is holding a workshop following "Stitch Alchemy" by Kelli Perkins.
So I've been experimenting. Here are some of my first attempts. I've used muslin as the base fabric and watered white glue (I'm using all the glue I have in my art stash - Sobo, Alene's tacky, Elmer's). I didn't take notes on which is which. Oh, well. I'll go for the most inexpensive in the future - Elmer's I believe. I added various papers - napkins, printed tissue, book pages, dress pattern tissue. Sometimes I ended with a layer of tissue. Sometime I painted a wash when the glue was still dry.
Yesterday I collaged on more papers so I can start using inks to cover them.