Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here's one of my "Faint Impressions." I've since added hand made model magic buttons with some beads to finish up the series. One is going into the Jacksonville, Florida Quiltfest the end of September. Another in my local fiber artist group here in Fernandina Beach, Florida. I join 12 others in exhibiting our work at my local art association.

I've been working on an online machine needle felting class with Dale Rollerson. What fun! Here's an incomplete piece called "Garden Pathways.' I've added hand embroidery and stretched it on stretcher bars to finish. My camera broke and is getting repaired as we speak, I hope anyway. I'm enjoying the punching various fibers and fabrics. A freeing experience.

Lastly I've begun and am pleased with my friend's commission quilt. The top is done - large poppies on my hand-dyed, hand painted fabric. My friend would like the piece to be reversible, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do that. I came up with one idea which I'll probably use as another separate piece. For Tissa I hunting up those tropical leaves she loves in order to print, applique, etc. for the back. Then I'll quilt it altogether.

I have an outdoor show this weekend on St. Simon's Island, Georgia. Wish me luck. Hope the weather is fine.

Felting is calling me.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Current Workings

Just completed a series of 3 - Faint Impressions, using numerous discharged black fabrics. My darling sister sent me some blacks that discharged beautifully. I placed a leaf on the black and sprayed watered bleach to create a faint leaf impression. Then is pieced different discharged fabrics around it. One piece I am adding studio-made buttons and beads to enter in the Jacksonville's Quiltfest. I'll upload pics later.

For the themed show "The Approaching Storm" I wrote previously about, I entered and received an Honorable Mention Award for my signature beach landscape. Now, I take images of stormy weather besides the beautiful sun rises!! And opps! I forgot to photogragh that one before submitting. I tend to get so exciting about my next projects, I'm forgetting to finish the current one - that's taking the picture. I'll get one taken when I travel downtown to the Art Association.

I've begun a commission piece for a good friend of mine - still in the designing phase. I'm not a real planner... My friend likes poppies, earth tones, realistic images, elegance. I'm working on the background fabric: my own hand dyed yellow fabric and have added various printing: stamping, sponging. I'm thinking the fabric is too bright so will go backinto it with a wash. I'll take a pic of the current phase. Then again, I may go in a completely different path. The energy and thrill of a new challenge.

Needle felting

My local Art Association holds a juried themed exhibit every two months. The current exhibit is entitled "The Approaching Storm." I made these two machine needle felted pieces - entered the single tree one. That one I felted on netting, then felted the finish piece onto linen and stretched it on stretcher strips. The other one was felted using acrylic felt as a base. I just loved the felting on netting.

I want to play more with my embellisher. That's a sure thing.

Nature Printing Class Pics

Here's some of my pics of the Nature Printing Class I taught Jacksonville, Florida's Honeybee Quilt Guild mid July. I particularly love the looks of ecstasy on the faces when their prints are uncovered.
The class was a joy to teach.