Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Shabby, Scrappy Journals

I just love making these shabby, scrappy journals. I love using up my scraps of fabric for the covers and added elements to the inside papers. I painted most of the paper, using the paint that was left on the brayers and brushes after painting fabrics. And of course, I'm using up papers in my ever abundant pile of stuff. I received many nice compliments from my visitors to my booth in Orlando. Even sold one!!!! The journals are just fun to hold and leaf through. I'm been journaling in my first journal and that's fun as well. I can't thank Mary Ann Moss at for a wonderful class - Remains of the Day. Plus, she's given her students permission to sell their creations.

Judge's Choice Award

I was extremely pleased to draw the attention of the judges during my recent outdoor art show - Orland0 Expo and Art Festival, February 20 - 21, 2010. This festival encouraged the judges to spend time in each booth and to chat with the artists. After 3 visits from 2 of the judges I was getting excited. The last visit one of the judges asked me to join the award ceremony because I won an award! The judges were to look at the whole body of work for consistency in technique and design. I was thrilled to receive the award. 3 cheers for Mixed Media Fiber Art!

New Work

"Silent Charlie", 24 x 12" on stretcher bars, was a last minute piece I've created for the latest Nouveau Art show at my local Island Art Association. The theme is "Art at the Movies." For some odd reason, Charlie Chaplin just got stuck in my mind, so I gave me and created this piece. Fun to do! "Amelia's Heron", 22 x 14" on stretcher bars, was created using my own image of the heron that visits the beach where I walk. He always brings a smile to my face. Ever so graceful in his search for his meal.
I have a sea gull in the making. The gull is fused, so all I have to do is create the watery background.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm flying High

"The Ballerina" won Honorable Mention at the Saint Augustine Art Association's Figure & Portrait Show! I've flying high since the call on Friday. My friend, Jayne Gaskins came along with me to the reception to help me celebrate. The show is incredible. I'm so tickled to be amongst the winners!