Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fabric Portraits

Struggled and struggled over a portrait of my ballerina daughter, Kara. I had to learn my way around Photoshop elements. I spent a lot of time learning a little. And a big thanks to my friend Jayne at A good and patient and encouraging fiber friend! She lead me through some steps in making a photo easier to turn into a fiber piece. I had to work with the colors a bunch. The flesh was way too pink but a couple of layers of gold netting improved it, in my humble opinion. Anyway, it's off to be juried. Hope it gets in. "The Ballerina" is 16x16."
This one is of my daughter as well but more abstract. "Ballet Class" is smaller than the above one - 12 x 9." I was experimenting. I'm waiting for a critique.

Quiet for some time but busy

AN EARLY VALENTINE - Awhile ago, I spent some time getting ready for a mini workshop for my local fiber art group. I made a foundation cloth by laying down fabric shapes and lace, layered a netting on top and stitched a grid. I cut 4x6" rectangles to make postcards. I added papers, ribbon, and fabric collage pieces. I free motioned them down. I finished up the card by zig zagging cardstock to the back. I also simply collaged fabric/paper, glued first then stitched to make greeting cards.

Lastly, I sewed a stuffed valentine, making a fabric collage first and then stitching it to another heart. Just fun! I've always been turned on by holidays. My fiber group ended up making just the postcards. But they all seemed to have a good time creating.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last Journal

My Remains of the Day Journal 4. Obviously I'm having a good time creating these.

Images of another Journal

Here's Remains of the Day Journal 3 with some of my favorite pages.

Another Heron Monotype

"Vibrant Blue" is done. It's another of my monotypes on a shiny white fabric. How I love to monotype.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

More fabric Journal work

I've been working on my "Remains of the Day Journals" - an online class with Mary Ann Moss. I've completed 2 - and 2 more are ready to stitch. I have the pages completed. This is very addictive.

Below are some of my pages: mostly paper with some fabric added. My expensive Bernina - sewing machine does not like sewing on paper so I've been stitching with my old 301 Singer. It seems to enjoy making holes into the paper! I'll save the Bernina for fabric! This is my 2nd journal.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some work done, yeah

The first two images began as monotypes on fabric. I added the borders and machine quilted them.

This is the end result of the brayer work I uploaded the other day. The quilting on this may not be evident but it's there. I'm hoping the last two get accepted in an upcoming art exhibit titled "Reflections." I'll let you know.