Friday, August 31, 2007

Back Home for a short while, a very short while

Had a wonderful trip up North. Maine is simply beautiful! Views were breath-taking! I took a few pics. The foggy weather was cool but not too good for taking good photos. Memories are grand, though.

The Nature Printing Society's ( )workshop and annual meeting in Bar Harbor was wonderful. I wanted to stretch out of my comfortable box and learn some new techniques: Solar plate printing, non toxic etching plates and foilography. I've included some pics of the results of the workshop. I loved all the new techniques: now to find the time to do more and to figure out how to print fabric with the new plates.

Today, I'm trying to play catch up with all my emails and blogs that I love to view. Been putting away all my Bar Harbor stuff! And I want to quilt some. Will i have time to start playing with my new embellisher (needlefelting machine)????? Hummmmmm...... I leave home again this coming Tuesday for the Yellow Daisy art Festival in Atlanta. Gotta do some more work for that.... Ugh...... only so much time in a day......

Oh, I also indirect printed a crab: a piece of fabric was lightly adhered to a prepared crab and then dabbed with paints. The rocks didn't turn out so well, but I love the crab and the sea star!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Must get packing!

Trying to get organized for the trip to Maine and the Nature Printing Society's Annual Workshop and Meeting. A big bag of supplies for the workshops themselves. Two big bags of materials to complete: bookmarks, 4x6er's, needlefelted balls that will be pendants, fabric charms to be wired and findings attached, Humm.... what else??? Oh I must pack some clothes!!!! Luckily husband, Jim, handles the driving, maps, motels. I might be able to post while up in Maine. We shall see. I'm so excited.

Besides the excitement of the trip, I made time to attend the FAN meeting. Fabric Artists Network - artists from Fernandina and Jacksonville area - a wonderfully divergent group of fiber artists. We sure have fun. We made clay, regular clay, the kind that must be fired and glazed, buttons and beads. One of the gals will fire our doings Raku style! Earthly, organic looking!

I got into designing another series of nature prints: the inspiration was the colors I used to print the leaves - then I rediscovered some decorator fabrics that had the same greens and voila! A new series. I just had to finish designing, pin basting. They're be ready for me to quilt when I get home in 10 days!!! I've included a teaser for you! And there is more designer fabrics awaiting!

Til Maine!

Oh, now how could I forget! I could not resist purchasing an embellisher while at the FAN meeting - we meet at a quilt shop in Jax. I innocently asked the price - and got a cut on the sale price. I'm tickled. I've just been gazing at it. Really longing to get my hands on it but time is way too short. That'll be waiting for me as well.

Now, Cheers.

Busy, busy, busy

I've been enjoying making my new pin/pendants, using fabric reproductions plus bits of lace and cheesecloth. I've added some beads as well. I concentrated on the "nature" ones as I'm heading off for Bar Harbor, Maine for the Annual Workshop and Meeting of the Nature Printing Society. I'll be learning some new printing techniques as well as refining those I've known already. I've never been to Maine - some breath-taking scenery. Plus, it's gotta be cooler than here in Florida!
I've finished, well, practically, finished, the Christmas wreath piece - I printed the evergreens a while back. I ran out of thread doing the border. I'll be picking up more thread this morning so it'll be done. I'd like to take that with me along with some other "nature printing" work to Maine. Here's also another 12 x 9 grape leaf piece. Sure like the grape vines/leaves! I've completed tons of 4x6er's and note cards as well. Getting ready for the Stone Mountain Art Festival in Atlanta 2nd weekend in September.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Been working on small items

I've been so very busy! Mostly working on some items for the Stone Mountain, GA Yellow Daisy Festival (Sept 6 - 9). I'll have my "Art Quilts" up but need a bunch of smaller items as I believe this show is more "craft" than "art." We shall see. I try to come up with creations that I enjoy making a bunch of and still consider "art." So, there's a bunch of 4x6's: featuring ginkgo leaves, dogwoods and daisies. I'll be creating some music themed 4x6's as well. Of course, Halloween is coming, so I may make some pumpkin pin/magnet cards. I had fun making those last year! Included are pics of the bookmarks I create: leaves, turtles, fish. There's some of the flowers that I have to add yarns and beads to. I've been at the computer as well - to design note cards that I will attach a mini art quilt to. There's two pics of these: the 4 ginkgo cards and the one dogwood that has a saying underneath. I enjoy researching the meaning of things and quotes/poems/sayings of them.

Now for dinner - my turn to cook!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Pics are up

Forgot to mention The Sunrise Beach scene. Still have one more to quilt but probably will do that later in the month.

Been working in the Studio

Will try and post some pics later this evening when the Internet is not so busy.

I've completed my "commission" sea turtle piece, 18" square. It's my "Dinner for One" series! Glue batik with Watersoluble neocolor crayons, highlighted with Shiva paintsticks, raw edged appliques, free motion quilting.

I've also completed more in the series "Hanging Vines" using printed grapes leaves, hand-dyed fabric, machine made coils for the vines. I left loose threads is represent the vines tendrils. One I stretched on 20 x 16" stretcher frame, the other two were 12 x 9", hung the usual way using a dowel in a sleeve in the back of the piece.

I've printed a bunch of ginkgo leaves: to make 4 x 6" pieces with loose leaves tacked down. I'll add Chinese coins and beads later. I've quilted 15 of little gems and tons of loose leaves. The beaded hangers will keep me busy in the car travels.

Planning lots of little projects as I have to get ready for some Fine Craft shows and Christmas shows. And besides, little gems seem to be my bread and butter. I'll be taking my art pieces as well, just bunches of little things as well.