Friday, July 18, 2008

Busy Summer

I taught my first adult art class - Nature Printing using leaves - to Jacksonville's Honeybee Quilt Guild. I had a ball. The gals seem quite receptive to this favorite surface design technique. I shared my way of printing leaves and let them create. I was truly inspired by their energy and creativity.

I've finished Chapter 3 of the Art Quilt Workbook. Included in the images is my pear and my rendition of my son's dog Barley. The tracing, cutting of fused fabrics, placement was all tedious but a valued technique to have in my arsenal. I have plans to do another - using a photo of my sister's beautiful eggplants. I've started my second in my "goddess" series. I was inspired by David Hockney's photo montage.

Finally, I'm quilting a scrap quilt to donate to the wounded Service folk. My local quilt guild will be sending completed quilts to Washington. Our hope is to give love and warmth to the our service personnel and to add color to the hospital atmosphere. Just a way to send my thanks to those who serve and sacrifice for our country.