Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's been way too long!

Lots have been going on in my life - son getting married - daughter having her second baby - my second grandchild!!!!!  Along with a grandson, I now have a granddaughter!!!!!!  I am one happy granny.  I spent six weeks with my daughter and her little family, so I could use that as an excuse for so little creative work but it would not be truthful.  I so definitely, most definitely, was in a slump.  But I'm back!!!!!

I created the following for my local theater which exhibits act in the lobby.  The theme has something to do with the title of the play.  I'm hoping these get accepted.

This first one I used Shiva oil sticks and torn paper masks and then quilted like crazy.  It was fun to do!  I spent some time in the NC mountains this Fall attending and teaching at the nature Printing Society's annual workshop.  (Which reminds me to add some pictures of my nature creations soon.)

Mountain View 13x15 $100
 The next two were created together, different sizes.  I used raw edged piecing and lots of stitching.   I enjoyed the two but didn't really get into my artsy self.
Perfect Place 25x20  $275

Sunny Morning 20x14 $155
I'm working on a triptych now using discharged black fabric, a moon, and meditative hand stitching after minimal machine stitching.  I'm really enjoying the flow of the hand work.  I'll show it soon.
I'm in the middle of some ice dyeing as well.  Can't wait to wash, dry and iron the red pieces!  For another juried show.