Friday, August 27, 2010

Itching to Stitch

I belong to a local group of eclectic fiber lovers, Itching to Stitch.  We get together once a month and share our work, our art, our craft, and friendship.  This month I was the "leader" and introduced (though we've seen the idea before) fun foam stamping. We cut up children's fun foam, adhered the pieces and parts to a piece of transparency, cut it to size, and stamped away on fabric.  I just wanted the gals to get another taste of creating their own personal stamps.  I believe they all had a good time.  I sure did! 
Here's an example of one of my stamps fun foam adhered to a thicker foam I made earlier. We used a piece of transparency cut to size this time.  I got the idea of the transparency from this month's Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.  I love the fact that the stamps take up less room in storage and that I can see to position the stamp when printing. And perhaps less expensive materials! Simple materials, great results, if I say so myself!

Queen of Hearts Done!

The Queen of Hearts is completed. I had a deadline in mind as I will be out of town when it is really due.  My fiber group is beginning a Playing Card Challenge.  I've completed the Ace of Clubs as well.  I'll get that image up shortly.   The image below is a work in progress.  I wasn't getting the values correct and almost trashed it.  Once again my fiber friends in FAN - Fiber Artists Networks, Jacksonville, FL spurred me on to work on the values more.  So, I'm still working on it.  The lips and eyes need more attention plus more hair elements are in the works.  My model, darling daughter is quite a beauty.  I don't want her portrait anything but beautiful.  Again for both these portraits, I've used Ellen Lindner's applique technique.
Work in Progress

Monday, August 16, 2010

I printed some tropical leaves the other day.  First I did the large clover shape piece which is to be the Ace of Clubs for my local fiber artists group's challenge - 52 Pick up.  I've started quilting it.  I should be done tomorrow.  Then I must start the Queen of Hearts.  I want to do another portrait of my daughter!  I'll see how it comes together.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Check this link out  Ellen Lindner was kind enough to feature Baxter, Darling Pup in her newsletter.  Take a peak!

Latest Completed Pieces

My local art association - Island Art Association's new Nouveau Art theme is "Sea and Sky."  I made these two.  The one on the left is titled "The Secret of the Sea"  16x 11.5"" - some needlefelting but mostly strips with some added quotes about the sea.  The one on the right is titled "Ocean's Colors"  16x12" - needlefelting with machine stitching, attached to fabric stretched on stretcher strips.  I ended up only entering "Ocean's Colors" as 7 of us fiber artists on Amelia Island are exhibiting at the gallery September through October.