Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring has arrived!

We've had some very beautiful Spring weather here at the beach. My morning beach walks are delicious! Taking a deep breath once I get over the dunes sends chills down my back. I am grateful, ever so grateful!

Been creating: worked on 2 exhibits with animals as themes: Paws and Claws; and Fur and Feathers. Sent in pieces like the bird image I blogged about earlier. Did up 2 discharged black pieces with my own cat stamp. Then I did some pieces around paper dolls except I've called them cloth dolls: 2 12"squares and 4 mini ones. Just plain fun.

After this weekend's show in Greensboro, NC, I've got to finish up my discharged black wall doll - bead the pieces and parts then bead the parts together. Plus I've pieced a piece for stretcher strips. I've included an "in progress" image.

Our little island has it's Shrimpfest the first weekend in May. I'll be working up some small pieces for that. Love that show!

May the long time sun shine upon you!