Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fiber Pieces take Some Time

"One Among Many" (just a detail) begin with my enchantment over my work table paint cover. I added stenciling and white circles and then machine quilted the piece. I've added fabric beads and seed beads. There's appliqued circles that I have to stitch down. The binding is all done. Yeah.My FAN group (check the right sidebar for further information) put out a challenge to make a 15 x 15" piece using this paper.
This is a close-up image. I had a great time. I appliqued the paper flower and quilted the piece. I then layered the orange batik onto felt, cut out the petals and stitched them individually and attached them down the center of the petals to the quilt. I crocheted a little orange spiky flower and added another flower and attached both with a teeny button. What fun!

The color of this image isn't accurate. The detail image is more like the real piece.

This blurred image is a mock-up of a larger piece that I'll be entering in my local art association (check Island Art Association link for further information). This is a relatively simple piece but I like it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yesterday's Stenciling

A favorite stencil I cut modifying a magazine ad. Lace background with 2 of my cut outs using images from internet stencil site and from a Dover book.

Lace background with crab stencil (from internet)

Lace background and my own cut out of bird from a photo.

The following images were printing on 6"square Bristol paper pad, making a small portfolio. The first: doily background, then 3 of my own stencils of Kara, Matt and Baxter.

The following are various various: my own and store bought

All in all, great fun!!! It's sure hot here in Florida making the wearing of the respirator sweaty business.
I came up with the idea of gessosing white canvas to tape to my printing board as I seem to like the results of the overspray. I shall see.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Just having a fun time with spray paints and inks, using plastic doily, cloth doily and a stencil I cut from online source.
This is my cloth paint mat cover. I just loves the texture so added stenciling and acrylic circles. Think I'm stitch and call it done! This is my t-shirt. After doing a few, I've decided I'm not very neat so I will do the rest using stencils and discharge.

Another cool page using plastic doily, scrap paper cut-up, my bird stencil and lace trimming.

Now, I'm heading out to spray some more!

Cutting my own Stencils

These are some of my latest efforts at cutting my own stencils. I'm using an electric stencil cutter and transparencies. Pelican - a favorite seabird. Dancing woman My daughter, more pelicans. Silhouettes of my son-in-law, daughter and their Baxter.

My youthful mom, my dad, my mother-in-law and last but not least, me.
I've sprayed using inks on pages of an old, old book.

Monotypes while in Vegas

While house and dog sitting for my daughter, I held real art deprived. So..... I went to an art supply store and bought some acrylics. I monotyped (I've been using the term monoprint, but discovered I'm really doing monotype). I added some collage and some painting. I'm planning on scanning these and printing on fabric and add some stitching.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Even more Stencil Experiments

These are some of my favorite experiments. I've only started. I'll be adding some painting, stamping, collaging. All in good time!

This last one is a mock-up of a t-shirt design. First Street Gallery has a Sea Turtle Show each summer and I show my "Turtle" work. Last year I discharged black t-shirts. This year I thought I'd put some of my new learning to work. I'll upload a t-shirt once I'm done with them.

More Stencil/spray paint

This is the inside of the portfolio cover. I just love the eyes stencil. I've spray painted various stencils: my own, store bought, and stencils I've cut from Mary Ann's links. http://dispatchfromla.typepad.com/

I'm experimenting and learning. What fun!

Stenciling Away!

Front and Back cover of my Stencilry Portfolio. I am having a ball! I mentioned in a previous post that I've enrolled in an online class with Mary Ann Ross, Stencilry: Pure Experimentation http://dispatchfromla.typepad.com/. I'm using spray paints and fabric spray paints. The regular ones are on paper, which the class is all about. I just have to experiment on fabric, I just have to!! There is a learning curve so practice, practice, practice. I love the layering. I've cut a bunch of stencils, some with the knife but most with the versa-tool stencil cutter - much easier, in my humble opinion. I'll be uploading more images shortly.