Monday, May 3, 2010

Shrimpfest Highlights

Here's a view of my booth at Amelia Island's Isle of Six Flags Shrimp Arts and Crafts Festival.  Lots and lots of people walked along the 8 block festival in the heat.  My husband, Jim, and I kept relatively comfortable sitting behind the tent in the shade of the trees and the umbrella.  There was a cool breeze that was evident while in the shade.  It was hot when I bopped up to tell to the folks who came in to view my work.  I received lots of wonderful compliments.                 

I did get the honor of being selected Judge's Choice.  The Shrimpfest judges choose pieces that they really like.  The chosen artists deliver the art to a central place where the judges choose the first, second, third prizes.  I didn't get one of those but still am honored to be among the chosen.  The piece is called "Wanderlust."

My son Corey is standing by his portrait.  I had just finished it the night before the festival.