Friday, June 5, 2015

Eco printing using spent flowers from a local florist

the pinks and purples are from red roses.
the bottom scarf has fresh pecan leaves printed on it

I am attempting to figure out how to post using my cell phone. I think I've got it

These are my latest eco printed fabrics.  I picked up spent flowers from a local florist at the great suggestion from my lovely sister Marlene. My pot continues to be water with a walnut, rusted metal, and a cup of vinegar. Leaves and flowers are placed on wet fabric and then wrapped around the copper piping.  The water in the pot is brought to a boil, then I put the fabrics in and  let it simmer for about 2 hours.. I usually end up unwrapping the bundles when they are cool to touch. I'm usually always happy and pleased with the results. The joy of eco printing is that I can always print again if the results are not to my liking.