Monday, November 3, 2014

Nature Printing Society Workshop

I know, I know, I know!  I've been non-existent for months.  I've done some creative fiber art in the past months - not much.  I'm still in  total bliss caring for my littlest grandchild - that's where most of my energy is spent.  Though, I must say, my attendance at the recent Nature Printing Society Workshop held at Wildacres Retreat, Little Switzerland, N.C. last month has got my creative juices flowing.  I took classes in Papermaking using leaf inclusions, East meets West - Sumi ink sprayed on fish and leaves then watercolored,  Gelatin Plate Printing and lastly and most thrilling for me was Eco dyeing paper and fabric.  I came home and dyed.

Process in a nutshell:  roll leaves in fabric around a copper pipe, bind tightly, boil in water that had rusted metal, vinegar, black walnuts and pesto - beauty!

My prints at the workshop were not the best but good enough for my local fiber friends.  The pieces I've done at home were much more to my liking.

This is my most favorite - on silk.