Friday, February 17, 2012

Low Tide

"Low Tide"  12 x 12" created by Diane Hamburg $150
"Low Tide" detail. (please visit this blog to see what the others have created) is the blog that 19 fiber artists of Jacksonville, FL is sharing their art pieces of different themes.  The first theme was "Free to Play."  I choose to use an image of my grandson Max, playing freely on the beach.  He had a great time!  And this grandma, Granny, had a great time watching him explore the place she holds quite dear.  I used my standby technique of Ellen Lindner - double reverse applique.  I worked harder with the background which was quite enjoyable.  I'm pleased with the result and plan on developing more images of Max at the beach in the near future.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Woven Circles

Woven Circles I, II, III, 8 x 8" each $80 created by Diane Hamburg
I don't believe I've written about these pieces which are mounted on gallery wrapped canvas.  I discharged different black fabrics using Softscrub. The fabrics were torn into strips and woven. I then appliqued  different colored silks on top. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

What I did around Christmas Time

Looking at the huge plastic container holding my Christmas stuff, I came across tree blocks I made ages ago.  they were intended to be the border for my daughter's "Santa" quilt but looked way too big, so I went smaller.  I pieced and quilter a similar lap quilt for myself but had many more trees leftover just sitting in that plastic box.  So..... I pieced and quilted up another similar quilt.  I intend on gifting it to my son and his fiance for their first Christmas married!  Through this whole ordeal, I was consistently reminder why I happily turned to creating art quilts.  But it's done and I'm happy with it!

This next image is the back.  I'm in the process of using up all that commerically printed fabric in the closet as you can see!

 This is what started my Christmas quiltmaking - my annual tree ornaments.  Again, I'm using my many scraps.

Til next time.... be happy, create!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh, it's been way to long

Why, oh, why was it so hard to get back to blogging??????  I have been working in the studio, even taking images........

I plan on blogging frequently in the next few days in order to catch up.

Today's entry is all about being accepted by my local theater - Amelia Community Theater.  Each time there is a wonderful new play performed by local actors an art exhibit is shown in the lobby.  I've been slow to enter but enter I did this time.  The play is "In the Woods"  and the theme of the exhibit is "Forests and Fairy Tales."  I entered three very different pieces and to my delight, all 3 were accepted.  So now you get to see them.
Walking in the Mountains, 31 x 22", $250 created by Diane Hamburg
Can't See the Forest, 20 x 28"  $280, created by Diane Hamburg

Can't see the Forest detail

Trees, 10 x10"  $75, created by Diane Hamburg
The first is a piece I created a couple years back.  The background is raw-edged applique using a variety of fabrics.  I was going for an abstract view of tree trunks.  The floating leaves were the result of hand printing real leaves and then fusing them to the background.  And, of course, there's lots of machine quilting.

"Can't see the Forest" was just created beginning with a manipulated photograph (using Photoshop Elements) and intrepreting it with fabrics and the double reverse applique method of Ellen Lindner.  Extensive machine quilting finished the piece.

The last is a small piece using the monotype technique - on cloth - with a tree paper applique on top and machine quilting.  This one is mounted on a canvas wrapped frame.

I'll be going to the play later this month and plan to take a picture of the show.