Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Activity

Along with everything else, I managed to work some in the studio. How I like that word. I feel like an artist!!!! Some thread doodling! Also designed two small seabird pieces - enjoying the drawing of birds, and even freehand cutting birds out of fabric! Never thought I could draw or cut freehand in the past. Practicing sure helps the process. I have a long way to go before calling myself a drawer or papercutter but I'm heading in the right direction!

Hapy Holidays!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday preparation along with Studio work

Along with all the holiday preparation and holiday travel, I'm working away in the studio in between. I have ideas dancing in my head. Oh, that's sugarplums??? No ideas.

I've included images of my thread doodling and haiku. Sometimes no words come as I walk and sometimes words/phrases come. Today - 2 haiku - The little figures in one are my very quick doodles of a woman doing Tai Chi on the beach. A beautiful dance in my eyes. The other one is me! Feeling good about changing some things in order to get my cholesterol level down: walking more, eating much better and losing weight as the result. Hopefully the cholesterol level will go down. Right now, I feel good! The bird sketches hopefully depict the shorebirds wading in the surf.

The other images are my machine needlefelting experiments. I enjoy playing. There's a definite learning curve on the landscapes - but I'll keep trying. I'm thoroughly enjoying the abstracts. The black one with a squiggle is only 3x3" - the yarn is scrumptious. I dream of using the yarn on a sweatshirt jacket. Real pleased with the larger piece. I needlefelted fabric, yarns, cheesecloth and machine free motioned some stitching on top.

Only a couple of days til Christmas. I'll be doing some more work before I go to Vegas to see my darling daughter. I'll be gone 2 weeks but I'll try to blog at least once. I'll be taking some handwork with me as I get antsy without doing something with my hands.

Happy holidays!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy, happy Holidays!

Oh, it's been much too long since last post

Didn't realize how the time has passed by and I haven't blogged. So, sorry!
I have been working - continuing experimenting with discharging black fabrics. I have finished 4 pieces so far. I have also been playing with the embellisher. I think I'll try and use the word "experimenting" though I am having a great deal of fun. I'm broadening my fiber techniques.

The images depict my thread sketching and my newly found joy of creating haiku - well, at least my version of haiku. The number of syllables isn't always in line. But I am enjoying the composing of the words as I walk the beach. I come home and thread sketch - sometimes to go along with the words. My goal was to do sketch daily but I don't always get in that mode when I return home. Sometimes I can get very "artsy" during my walks but sometimes I can only think of what's going on in my life.