Saturday, August 9, 2008

Current Workings

Just completed a series of 3 - Faint Impressions, using numerous discharged black fabrics. My darling sister sent me some blacks that discharged beautifully. I placed a leaf on the black and sprayed watered bleach to create a faint leaf impression. Then is pieced different discharged fabrics around it. One piece I am adding studio-made buttons and beads to enter in the Jacksonville's Quiltfest. I'll upload pics later.

For the themed show "The Approaching Storm" I wrote previously about, I entered and received an Honorable Mention Award for my signature beach landscape. Now, I take images of stormy weather besides the beautiful sun rises!! And opps! I forgot to photogragh that one before submitting. I tend to get so exciting about my next projects, I'm forgetting to finish the current one - that's taking the picture. I'll get one taken when I travel downtown to the Art Association.

I've begun a commission piece for a good friend of mine - still in the designing phase. I'm not a real planner... My friend likes poppies, earth tones, realistic images, elegance. I'm working on the background fabric: my own hand dyed yellow fabric and have added various printing: stamping, sponging. I'm thinking the fabric is too bright so will go backinto it with a wash. I'll take a pic of the current phase. Then again, I may go in a completely different path. The energy and thrill of a new challenge.

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