Monday, May 18, 2009

My friend, Nancy, and I taught some senior citizens the other day leaf printing. They seemed to thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as we did. The above is an example. I stapled two 9 x 12" papers together. The leaf was painted using a foam rubber brayer and placed on the bottom sheet, the top was lowered and rubbed. This was repeated, changing leaves, changing paints. My thought was to cut the bottom creation up into notecards but the folks wanted it left whole. So, we cut off the stapled part and cut the top sheet up into notecard size and a leaf or two were printed, using scrap paper over the painted leaf so as not to get paint on the fingers. Ha, ha! It was just amazing to see these folks work.

I came right home and printed up some leaves. How I love to print leaves!! I even went on to printing on silk - The close weave of the silk allowed for very detailed prints. Can't wait to turn this into art.

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