Friday, June 19, 2009

Missing from blog, but still alive and well

In May, I worked diligently getting my blurb book published and my website up and running. (Please check the links for both on the right. ) I was on a mission!!!!!!! I wanted to get both done before flying out to Vegas. My lovely daughter, Kara, got married to her man, Matt, June 7th. I am now house and dog sitting for them. I've been spending an immense amount of time on the internet, surfing away to my heart's content: anything to do with mixed media: monoprinting, monotyping, collaging, fabric painting, and a new attraction: petroglyphs - and there a bunch here in Nevada.

In the next few days, I'll post some links I found very interesting. Today's find was an online free ezine called Art Trader Magazine through Linda at . I took an online needle felting from Linda a while back and subscribe to her online Inspire newsletter. The link will get you there. Linda is inspiring. Enjoy!

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