Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some monotyping Experiments

I had a wonderful time with Gelatin plate printing the other day. these are my favorites. The last one is ready to quilt. I made up a plate of Knox plain gelatin. 2T per cup of water. The plate was too thin and started to break up so next time I'll made a thicker plate. I love the gel for the feel and I think it helps came the paint moist longer. I ended the session just using a plexiglass for my plate. I like the gel plate better.


Sondra said...

These prints are so unique and I really love the mystery that I see in them. Wonderful, thank you for sharing them. You have reminded me to get back into my favorite process.
Best to you,

Dianne said...

beautiful prints! love that they are done on fabric & will be quilted...