Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  It's always fun to pull out the season's decorations and remember!  My mom gave us the big jack-o'lantern and the large ghost, which she glazed.  My children painted the little ghosts and pumpkins when they were wee little.  My son created the small jack-o'lantern in his pottery class in middle school.  The leaf quilt was made by moi while I was in my traditional quilting days.  It's good to remember Halloweens past - the costume creation, the pillow case filled with candy, the laughter... and so on. 
 A tradition  I started awhile back was creating holiday postcards to send to my family.  The following image is this year's.  I spend quite a bit of fun time coming up with a project to teach for the Seniors at our local Senior Center.  I organize art instructors from my local art association, Island Art Association, to teach once a month at the Center.  It's quite rewarding.  I settled on a simple jack-o'lantern pin using fun foam and a Styrofoam printing plate in which we used a pen to imprint a jack-o'lantern and print note cards.  This postcard is made from fun foam as well:  2 stamps:  one being a pumpkin and the other being the face.  ThatI shared with my local fiber group.  Fun!

And this jack-o'lantern I drew in the sand.  How I love my beach walking!

So, folks, enjoy your holiday!

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