Monday, November 29, 2010

Dyeing Experiments

I decided to get into dyeing fabrics again.  I had a bunch of old dye concentrates in my refrigerator, but most were way too old - I'm talking about 12 months or so.  The golden yellow was fine, the blues and the reds were not.  So I mixed some more - just enough concentrate for a few yards of cotton. I did enjoy myself.  I just love opening up the washer after the rinsing part to see the results.  I am working on values.  I dyed yardage for future portraits so these were not very mottled.  I do enjoy "tie dye" effects but not this time around.

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Jane B. said...

Wow - how completely neat! In all my own mixed media art experiments and journeys, I have never dyed fabric and would love to know more about how. Would you consider doing a blog post to give an overview on technique? Very cool work!