Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some more Dyeing of fabric

Last weekend I dyed some more fabric.  I have two applique pieces I needed fabric for.  Still working on getting the values changes I'm after.

The "burgundy" is my new favorite dye color.  I dyed an old tablecloth.  My dye contentrate was way too intense to get the value change I was after but I love the color.  Also I didn't manipulate the pieces enough for a better coverage.  I didn't want a solid color but wasn't going for that much white.  Practice, practice, practice.

The last image of onsies for my little Max. I'll do something more to them in time for the summer.


Kara said...

Max is going to look so cute this summer and he won't have to worry about wearing the same outfit as his friends!

zanylady99 said...

Cool colors! You are right, Kara, Max is going to be a walking art exhibit!