Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun Time teaching Stencil/screening

Pat's work

Charlie's screening

Sue's layering

Maureen's quite pleased with the added circles

Gail's quite busy

Some more of Charlie's screening

I've just begun teaching surface design on fabric at my local art association:  Island Art Association, Fernandina Beach, Florida.  Last month I shared some printmaking techniques:  making one's own stamps.  This month, it was making ones' own stencils and screen printing with them.  11 brave souls attended the morning workshop.  I learned from last month to just share a few techniques and then "let the people go."  The class was a mixture of folks:  some experienced fiber artists, some new to surface design, and those in between.  From all corners, it sounds like everyone learned something new.  I must say I enjoyed myself.  It's such a grand learning experience for me, the "teacher," to see what the folks come up with.  I think we all had fun!

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Createology said...

How wonderful to get together and teach and share being creative. Looks like all had a great time. A little too messy for me but I love all the beautiful results. Happy Safe Memorial Weekend...