Saturday, June 8, 2013


I discharged this piece ages and ages ago.  Loved it so much, I just didn't know what to do with it.  I certainly knew I didn't want to cut it up!  I machine stitched, using the bleached marks to guide my way along.  Then the piece sat..... and sat...... and sat.

My taking Jude Hill's class, I brought out the needle and thread - the latter being in my stash of threads - just the right color.  I've spent the last few days stitching.  Here are my thoughts:

crooked paths - leading to the same point of it it away from that point?
One step at a time - or should I say - one stitch at a time.
crooked steps - still in route
Decisions : which path to take
stepping around obstacles
The journey not necessarily the distinctions is important
Breath in, breath out

Jude Hill has a story - really many stories.
Where are my stories???  I don't talk about my work much and when i do I don't express my stories well.

Time.......  the journey


zanylady99 said...

To be honest, I think the art itself tells the story. I don't think words are necessary unless they just happen as you work on the piece. Each viewer is going to take their own story away from your artwork. Doing the piece is your story.

Doris said...

I just read your comment on What if Diaries and want to say hello. Your work appeals to me. perhaps sometimes the story is just an extra which appears by chance...
best wishes