Sunday, December 8, 2013

Show Opening coming up!

 Here's the announcement.  It's always a good feeling to have my fiber work amongst the painters!  The following images are pieces of my work that were included in the show
Monoprinted fabrics along with hand dyes

 Reduction using beach, then hand stitching after minimal machine quilting.
 Beach discharge, minimal machine stitching then hand stitching.

The following two pieces are mixed media:  painted backgrounds, leaf printing, collage.

 Encrusted embroidery,  objects first embedded then hand stitching.
 Monoprints on fabric, piecing, machine quilting.
Wandjini Revisited - my interpretation of Australian primitive art:  discharged fabrics, applique, piecing.

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zanylady99 said...

Oooo La La.....nice work, kiddo. I really like your printing and discharge art. No, I LOVE it. I must admit that I miss beading on your beach scenes (like you did before) but like the tranquility portrayed.