Thursday, January 23, 2014

An Award and Some Work in Progress

"Sweetie" earned Honorable Mention at the St Augustine Art Association's "Portrait and figure" exhibit.  Yeah!!!!!!
I've been working on this "Tidal Pool III" for awhile now.  It is in process - I'm still adding finds from the sea, beads and yarn.  Then I must add some quilting to finish it.
Below are a sampling of some little stitched pieces using notecards my sister gifted me and some silk pieces from fabric samples given me a long time ago.  Great "in the car" projects.
This last piece I thought I completed awhile ago but decided to add the green plant.  I believe I like it better now.

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Dianne said...

The note cards are very pretty and a lovely idea. I love the kantha type quilting and enjoy doing it myself. The finished piece with the green plant added is gorgeous - well done.