Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh, it's been much too long since last post

Didn't realize how the time has passed by and I haven't blogged. So, sorry!
I have been working - continuing experimenting with discharging black fabrics. I have finished 4 pieces so far. I have also been playing with the embellisher. I think I'll try and use the word "experimenting" though I am having a great deal of fun. I'm broadening my fiber techniques.

The images depict my thread sketching and my newly found joy of creating haiku - well, at least my version of haiku. The number of syllables isn't always in line. But I am enjoying the composing of the words as I walk the beach. I come home and thread sketch - sometimes to go along with the words. My goal was to do sketch daily but I don't always get in that mode when I return home. Sometimes I can get very "artsy" during my walks but sometimes I can only think of what's going on in my life.