Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Day late

I wrote the poem the other day. The thread doodles I just did - working on a mini self portrait thread doodles -and some figure sketching.

Yesterday,I worked on a commission art pillow - think I have the design down, working on colors and actual placement. I usually just design as I go but I am incorporating the client's child's monograms. Seems a bit too traditional, so I'm working at making it a little more artsy. The machine quilting will help but I want more. Wish me luck.

Had a great gathering of fellow fiber artists yesterday. One of the artists shared a DVD of Kaffe Fasset - designer of needlepoint, knitting, fabric and quilts. I was intrigued by the way Kaffe used photos of everyday scenes and incorporated the shapes and colors into his work. Food for thought!

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