Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gelatin Plate Printing with friends

I played around with another gelatin plate before sharing this technique with my local fiber friends. I did some different things - inking the plate, laying the fabric down, then drawing with chopstick, then pulling the fabric up, of course I had to go further and pressed another fabric square on top of the plate to get another print. I also played around with pressing a shell on the inked plate - that was okay but cut into the gelatin. So I tried inking the plate, laying the fabric on top and then pressing the shell on - not so firmly, just enough to my an imprint. I did ink up the shell with black and printed on top the the fabric to add interest.

I made up some gelatin plates and took them to my local fiber group. It sure looked like they had a good time. Lots of smiles!!!!!!!!

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