Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where did the time go?

I've been busy though much too quiet on this blog. My apologies.

Above are some images of things I've been doing. There's more but I haven't taken pictures yet. I've made needlefelted datebook covers, journal covers and designing sketch book covers as well. And I've made some coiled baskets using cotton clothesline with fancy yarns. Photos to come soon, I promise.

For the First Street Gallery, Neptune Beach, Florida's Sea Turtle Show (held annually) I exhibit my turtle wall art, dyed and printed scarves, notecards and new this year, discharged black t-shirts. I made my own stencils.

My bead artist friend Ronnie and I taught art to our local Senior Citizens group. I designed and sewed the dolls. The seniors glued fabric pieces to the bodies, drew on the arms and legs, picked the hair yarns. They seemed to enjoy themselves. Ronnie and I sure did. Ronnie plans to use the same doll pattern for our Art Association's free children's art program.

I dyed, painted, leaf printed a bunch of silk scarves, getting ready for a Christmas Show coming up in November. How I love to leaf print.

I designed my own sea turtle bowl awhile back when I just couldn't stand making the then popular fabric bowls. I just create a few at a time, very crafty now that the design phase is over. People do like these creations.

The "Twirling Leaves" piece I created for my Leaf Printing Class. I wanted to do a simple yet elegant piece - not too artsy for the traditional quilters.

Now, I must get in my daily, meditative, yet energizing beach walk in before I hit the studio again. I'm finishing up a needlefelted journal cover, then I want to play with my gelatin plate, doing some monoprinting. Just for the fun of it!!!!

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Maggi said...

What a great array of goodies. The turtle bowl is so cute. You look as though you have been busy, how I envy you being able to go for a walk along the beach to relax.