Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ribbon of Silver Done!

I did struggle with this one. It needed to be completed and delivered to my local Art Association. The theme of the show was "Capturing Light." I machine needle felted my own hand dyed silk and some ribbon down onto another of my hand dyed cotton fabric. Then I machine quilted using my trusty home sewing machine. I machine needle felted a dyed (Not my own) silk hankie onto water soluable sheet and machine embroidered. I also machine embroidered a netting as well to stuff into the center. I ended up reshaping the piece and stretched it onto a 12x12" frame. Done!


maggi said...

This is beautiful Diane.

Diane said...

Thank you for stopping in and commenting, Maggi

Bea said...

I have no idea how I ended up at your site but I am so glad I did. What a beautiful interesting piece of artwork.
I've put your site on my blog because I know many of my readers, who are also mixed media and fiber artists will enjoy stopping by.
When time permits I plan to grab my tea and spend some time looking at your back posts and work.