Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shrimpfest is this weekend!

The Isle of Eight Flags Festival or Shrimpfest is this weekend in Fernandina Beach, Florida. I've done this local outdoor event for 6 years now. I love showing in my own town. It's a great festival, if I say so myself. The Island Art Association of which I'm a member runs the "Art" part of the festival. There's antiques as well as lots of shrimp and other foods. And of course, the pirates!!!!

So wish me well!


Maggi said...

What beautiful work since I last viewed your blog - intermittent and very frustrating internet problems! Good luck with the show, what are the chances of the book arriving in time for that?

Diane said...

Maggi, thanks for checking in!
Shrimpfest was great - weather good, crowds good and sales good. My book, self published via, arrived prior to the show. It attracted attention! I'm glad I spend the hours getting it done. Again, thanks for visiting and commenting.